Spring features through Vietnamese folk paintings

Spring features through Vietnamese folk paintings
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In all kinds of Vietnamese Tet paintings, perhaps the most unique and diverse is folk paintings. This is the kind of painting enduring with history, not elaborated or complicated but deeply Vietnamese tradition.

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Folk Paintings

Folk Paintings are expressed in many different forms, but there are similarities that enhance human morality, education and the good qualities and the good wish for the new year. It is an indispensable part of life, especially in the occasion of new year.

Folk Paintings Folk Paintings

Folk New Year paintings are diverse in genres such as religious paintings, blessing paintings, history paintings, satirical paintings, landscape paintings ... It is the New Year painting that always brings a matter of wishing for what is good. New year or Tet Painting is the message and wishes for a lucky and affluent year.

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The traditional villages of folk paintings

According to the document, as recorded, throughout the country, there are many villages of traditional and folk painting, but the oldest and most well known is still Dong Ho village (former Ha Bac), Hang Trong paintings (Hanoi), Kim Hoang painting (Ha Tay), Nam Hoanh paintings (Nghe An), Sinh village (Hue).

Dong Ho painting village

Dong Ho painting village Dong Ho painting village

The most prominent of which is probably the Dong Ho painting village, located in the Duong river. The paintings are made from a special kind of paper, in Vietnamese called “giay do” which is scanned a layer of iridescent to make color printing more brilliant. Since many years ago, Dong Ho folk paintings have been notoriously cheap and beautiful and favorited in a lot of places.