4 delicious dishes of Ede ethnic group

Forest leaf hotpot, bitter eggplant soup and grilled bamboo shoot stirring with the cow’s organs are chosen by Ede ethnic group to invite guests.

Things to note when traveling on Tet holiday

Lunar New Year is the time you are relieved after a year of hard work. This is also the time for your family to welcome new year together. On the Lunar New Year 2018, has your family planned where to go yet? If you are thinking about the first trip of this year, please see the following article immediately.

30 year-old Chao long eatery in Saigon

If you feel hungry at night in Saigon, do not worry, a hot bowl of Chao long with a plate of boiled pig organs and a small bowl of chili fish sauce will make you full immediately. In the culinary culture of Saigon, the porridge is considered one of the delicious street food at the most popular price.

The eatery of grilled fermented pork roll and Hue cakes in Saigon

If you have the opportunity to go to the area behind Ban Co market (the alley 51 Cao Thang, District 03) in the early afternoon, you can see many attractive eateries. There is a small parking space for customer to feel free when wandering to find the favorite dishes. Among them, the most outstanding one is the eatery of Hue cakes in fornt of the house No. 51/75.

2 famous eateries in Da Lat with Lau ga la e

If you want to enjoy Da Lat’s Lau ga la e in Tao Ngo or 668 eatery, you should com there before 6 p.m to ensure that they do not run out of tables.

16 notes you should pay attention before starting your journey

The autumn is one of the ideal eriod in the year for traveling because at that time, the weather is very cool and comfortable. However, you should pay attention to the following things before starting your journey.

Must-try dishes in the winter

This is the specialty which is loved by many international tourists, thanks to its interesting combination between egg and coffee. This drink has been sold in Hanoi’s coffee shops since 1940.

6 specialties in Nam Dinh

At the price of only several thousand Dong per piece, the taste of these specialties in Nam Dinh such as Xiu bao, Beo cake is very delicious.

5 best places to enjoy Bun ca in Hanoi

A bowl of Bun ca (the rice noodle with fried fish) with the crispy fried fish, naturally sweet, sour and spicy broth will make you feel attractive.

5 dishes for your winter trip in Sapa

Grilled meat, Slamon hot pot and Five-colored steamed sticky rice are the dishes attracting visitors to come back to Sapa to enjoy when the winter comes.
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