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Moon cakes in Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations P2

Banh nuong, however, has to undergo additional steps. After being removed from the mould, it is brushed with egg wash, which will give the...
Bánh khọt (mini pancakes)

Vietnamese savory mini pancakes recipe (Bánh khọt)

Bánh khọt (mini pancakes) is similar to the popular bánh xèo (Vietnamese crepe). It has a crispy golden crust with a hint of coconut milk,...
Chè Chuối – Banana with Sago Pearls and Coconut Milk Sweet Soup

“Chè” – 7 Must Try Vietnamese Sweet Desserts (P1)

“Chè” is a general Vietnamese word to describe any traditional Vietnamese sweet beverage, which is usually available in the form of pudding, or as...

Pho – The Pinnacle of Vietnamese Cuisine

Pho - Vietnam noodle is the most popular food among the Vietnamese population. Pho is commonly eaten for breakfast, although many people will have it for their lunch or dinner.
Banh dap

Banh dap in Hoi An

Although being in restaurant, home and on the sidewalk, Banh dap is a popular dish contributing to the famous brand Hoi An. >>Hu tieu sa...

Sticky rice (Bánh chưng)

Sticky rice cakes are a Vietnamese traditional dish that must be part of Tet meals. As a matter of fact, every Vietnamese family must have sticky rice cakes among the offerings placed on the altar to their ancestors.

Moon cakes in Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations P1

Moon cakes are an indispensable part of Vietnamese people’s celebrations of the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is held annually on the 15th day of the...
Vietnamese sweet soup

“Chè” – 7 Must Try Vietnamese Sweet Desserts (P3)

>>“Chè” – 7 Must Try Vietnamese Sweet Desserts (P1) >>“Chè” – 7 Must Try Vietnamese Sweet Desserts (P2) Chè Ba Màu – Three Color Dessert Form: Drink Serve:...

Famous Bun cha ca restaurant in Nha Trang – only known by locals

Just done dried and steamed fish rolls, crispy fresh jelly fish, clear broth together with fresh vegetables, tomato and chili combine in a bowl of Bun at the price of 20,000VND which is enough for you to know the flavor of coastal city.
Famous Bun cha restaurants in Hanoi

Famous Bun cha restaurants in Hanoi (P1)

Some famous restaurants of Bun cha have existed in 20 years in Hanoi because of strong flavor meat and sauce based on the secret...
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