Foods & Drinks

The way of vietnamese cooking and dining

La bep

La bep – a specialty in Tay Nguyen

In the war, the soliders in Tay Nguyen collected La bep for their daily meals. >>Banh canh cua (Crab noodle) >>40-year-old Khoai cake in Hue La bep...
5 famous sticky rice restaurants in Saigon

5 famous sticky rice restaurants in Saigon (P2)

>>5 famous sticky rice restaurants in Saigon (P1) Xoi la sen (sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf) on Co Giang street There are many criteria to...
Tuong Ban

Tuong Ban – Ban soy sauce – The soul of common Vietnamese dishes

Hung Yen is a delta province in the North, having a favorable road, waterway and railway system for social, cultural and economic exchanges and development.
Vietnam food

Ultimate food guide to Vietnam

Pho Gia Truyen, on Bat Dan Street in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, doesn’t look like much from the outside—or from the inside, for that matter....
Bề Bề (Smasher Prawn)

Bề Bề (Smasher Prawn)

Coming to Halong Bay, visitors not only explore the mysterious caves but also enjoy delicious seafood such as crab, fresh squid, lobster, snails, smasher...
Cao lau

Modest Cao Lau Hides the Charm of Hoi An

Cao Lau at Faifo Pho Hoai Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City. Hoi An on the central coast has developed an exotic cuisine thanks to its long history as a port of call for ships from Japan, China and as far away as the Netherlands.
Banh Phu The - Dinh Bang

Banh Phu The – Dinh Bang

In Vietnam,“Banh Phu The” is a special cake, which symbolises the loyalty of a husband and wife.
Delicious dishes around the cathedral area

Delicious dishes around the cathedral area (P1)

Coming to Hanoi you cannot miss pillow-shaped cake on Ly Quoc Su street, baked Nem on Au Trieu valley or a bowl of pig...
Vietnamese wine

Vietnamese wine

Alcohol has been called spirit because it symbolizes for men willingness in the old time. Besides tea, plain rice alcohol is also offered respectfully...
Che- sweet soup

Che- sweet soup

They come in many different forms, colors, thickness and tastes- such as che do den (black turtle bean); che do xanh (mung bean); che...
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