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The way of vietnamese cooking and dining

Famous Bun cha ca restaurant in Nha Trang – only known by locals

Just done dried and steamed fish rolls, crispy fresh jelly fish, clear broth together with fresh vegetables, tomato and chili combine in a bowl of Bun at the price of 20,000VND which is enough for you to know the flavor of coastal city.
Star Apple

Star Apple (Vú sữa)

Star apple is a fruit commonly grown in orchards of central and southern parts of Viet Nam, the most famous are located in Can...

Vietnamese food for beginners

Take a gastronomic tour of Vietnam, but be warned – do not read this article if you are even slightly hungry.
Dumpling and Vac cake in Hoi An

Dumpling and Vac cake in Hoi An

Hoi An cuisine is very diverse with many famous specialties, but beside Hoanh Thanh and Cao Lau, best known dishes may be Dumpling and...
Grilled fish

Chả cá (Grilled fish)

Might not be the oldest dish of Hanoi as it has only been around for over a hundred years, but “Chả Cá Lã Vọng” or “Chả Cá Hà Nội” is definitely the most unique among best known dishes of the capital city.
A recipe for discovering Hanoi

A recipe for discovering Hanoi

With its rich culinary heritage and an exciting street food scene, Hanoi is a wonderful city for many delicious dishes.
Banh canh bot loc gio heo

Banh canh bot loc gio heo in Ba Ria

The sweet broth and soft noodle makes banh canh Long Huong attracting many customers. >>Banh mi bot loc – a unique dish in Quang Binh >>Fish...
Guava (ổi)

Guava (ổi)

Guava originated in the tropical region of Central Americas and reached South-East Asia approximately in the 17th century. Guava fruit is either round or...
Phu Quoc Sim Wine

Phu Quoc Sim Wine

Phu Quoc "Pearl Island" South end of the sky. Nature has created for Phu Quoc is fine sand beaches stretching hun smoking, deep green...
Banh Phu The - Dinh Bang

Banh Phu The – Dinh Bang

In Vietnam,“Banh Phu The” is a special cake, which symbolises the loyalty of a husband and wife.
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