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Nem chua - Vietnamese fermented pork roll

Nem chua – Vietnamese fermented pork roll

Usually served as a snack with raw garlic, Nem chua is eaten all year round as an appetizer or a side. It is eaten especially for the Lunar New Year by many Vietnamese families.
Corn noodles in Vietnam

Corn noodles in Vietnam

Corn noodles? Never heard of them - what are they, where can you get them and how do they taste? The corn noodles are really great!
Fish Sauce – a famous Vietnamese condiment

Fish Sauce – a famous Vietnamese condiment

When having most Vietnamese food, “nuoc mam” or Fish Sauce is the indispensable spice of much deliciousness.
Mut Tet

“Mứt Tết”, very delicious preserved fruit!

In Vietnamese New Year party, beside traditional dishes, no family can forget to make a tray of "Mứt Tết”, a cup of tea, betel and areca ready to entertain their visitors.
Banh xeo

A unique “banh xeo” in Vietnam

Tourists traveling about in Vietnam are sure to encounter a different recipe, and sometimes even a different name, for “banh xeo” depending on which region and province they are visiting.
Cao lau Hoi An

Cao lau Hoi An (Hoi An vermicelli)

About cuisine, visitors to Hoi An never forget Cao Lau (vermicelli), the special Hoi An and Quang Nam special symbol
A recipe for discovering Hanoi

A recipe for discovering Hanoi

With its rich culinary heritage and an exciting street food scene, Hanoi is a wonderful city for many delicious dishes.

Vietnamese food for beginners

Take a gastronomic tour of Vietnam, but be warned – do not read this article if you are even slightly hungry.
Baked corn

Baked corn creates special flavor for Saigon cuisine Friday

In this cool atmosphere of these showery days in Saigon, it would be very great to enjoy the hot baked corn and green onion cooked with fat.
Cao lau

Modest Cao Lau Hides the Charm of Hoi An

Cao Lau at Faifo Pho Hoai Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City. Hoi An on the central coast has developed an exotic cuisine thanks to its long history as a port of call for ships from Japan, China and as far away as the Netherlands.
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