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The way of vietnamese cooking and dining

4 delicious dishes of Ede ethnic group

Forest leaf hotpot, bitter eggplant soup and grilled bamboo shoot stirring with the cow’s organs are chosen by Ede ethnic group to invite guests.
The Spaghetti

Spaghetti of 5-star chef

Only take-away, the high quality noodle of chef A Hoai at the price of 25,000VND is favorite food of many people. >>The famous foods in...
Banh mi bot loc

Banh mi bot loc – a unique dish in Quang Binh

In the land of Banh bot loc, an important ingredient to make a load of bread is Banh bot loc. Since then, the familiar...
Banh Cuon

Banh Cuon (steamed rice rolls)- a favourite food of Vietnamese

"Banh Cuon" looks like a soft spring roll, filled with a mixture of pork, onions, wood ear mushrooms, and fish sauce..It tastes delicious and...
Hue beef noodle

Hue beef noodle – a delicious breakfast in Dalat

The sweet broth is made from the pig bone with the strong favor of sauce, lemongrass and the eye-catching red color of satay. This...
The popular dishes in Cho Lon

The popular dishes in Cho Lon (P2)

>>The popular dishes in Cho Lon (P1) Sui cao In the Chinese cuisine, sui cao is a traditional dish with 3 main ingredients: sui cao, vegetables...
Cay Cake Thai Binh

Cay Cake Thai Binh

It is 12 kilometer away from Thai Binh city in Dong Hung district. The village is famous for Cay cake. Cay cake is a traditional typical specialty of Thai Binh.
Coffee in Hanoi

Hanoi’s coffee culture

The Hanoians drink a lot of the dark, caffeinated beverage and prefer sipping their stronger blends outside in front of a small shop with...
La bep

La bep – a specialty in Tay Nguyen

In the war, the soliders in Tay Nguyen collected La bep for their daily meals. >>Banh canh cua (Crab noodle) >>40-year-old Khoai cake in Hue La bep...
Mam thinh

Mam thinh in Hoi An

A long time ago, Mam thinh became a popular dish to local people in Hoi An and tourists. Many tourists also choose it as...
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