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The way of vietnamese cooking and dining

Hue beef noodle

Hue beef noodle – a delicious breakfast in Dalat

The sweet broth is made from the pig bone with the strong favor of sauce, lemongrass and the eye-catching red color of satay. This...
Fish Sauce – a famous Vietnamese condiment

Fish Sauce – a famous Vietnamese condiment

When having most Vietnamese food, “nuoc mam” or Fish Sauce is the indispensable spice of much deliciousness.
Coffee in Hanoi

Hanoi’s coffee culture

The Hanoians drink a lot of the dark, caffeinated beverage and prefer sipping their stronger blends outside in front of a small shop with...
Mam thinh

Mam thinh in Hoi An

A long time ago, Mam thinh became a popular dish to local people in Hoi An and tourists. Many tourists also choose it as...

The eatery of grilled fermented pork roll and Hue cakes in Saigon

If you have the opportunity to go to the area behind Ban Co market (the alley 51 Cao Thang, District 03) in the early afternoon, you can see many attractive eateries. There is a small parking space for customer to feel free when wandering to find the favorite dishes. Among them, the most outstanding one is the eatery of Hue cakes in fornt of the house No. 51/75.
Famous Bun cha restaurants in Hanoi

Famous Bun cha restaurants in Hanoi (P1)

Some famous restaurants of Bun cha have existed in 20 years in Hanoi because of strong flavor meat and sauce based on the secret...
Banh Com on Hang Than Street

Banh Com on Hang Than Street

Banh Com is not only one of the indispensable offerings during wedding ceremonies and ancestor-worshipping days, but is also a specialty that any visitor to Hanoi will want to buy for their friends and relatives as a present.
Bun oc

The things snails and seafood do to bun (P1)

With its long history of rice cultivation, Vietnam cuisine features an endless variety of rice-noodle dishes. Apart from pho, which is made with flat...

Top 10 attractive dishes in the biggest market in Da Nang

Con market is considered as a paradise of snacks with many eateries selling famous dishes such as Bun mam (Rice noodle and fish sauce), Oc xao (Stirred-fried snails), Banh canh and Jackfruit salad…
Nom Bo Kho ( Dried beef salad)

Nom Bo Kho ( Dried beef salad)

“Nộm bò khô” is so popular in Vietnam that it has gradually become a familiar snack of street foods family and showed up frequently...
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