Hanoi’s tourist festival scheduled for October

The Thang Long-Hanoi International Tourism Festival will run from October 2-5 at the Bao Son Paradise Theme Park. At a meeting with the Ministry of...
Sticky Rice Cake

“Banh it” – sticky rice cake

It is true that “Banh it” is a must try specialty of the Central Region in Vietnam! Commonly, there are two kinds of “Banh it”....

Vietnam’s past Educational System

In comparison with other developing countries, Vietnam's population enjoys a relatively high standard of education. In the past, Vietnam’s educational system was affected by...
Cao lau

Modest Cao Lau Hides the Charm of Hoi An

Cao Lau at Faifo Pho Hoai Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City. Hoi An on the central coast has developed an exotic cuisine thanks to its long history as a port of call for ships from Japan, China and as far away as the Netherlands.
Chè Long Nhãn Hạt Sen – Logan and Lotus Seed Sweet Soup

Chè Long Nhãn Hạt Sen – Logan and Lotus Seed Sweet Soup

>>Huynh De Crab >>Sai Sung Chè Long Nhãn Hạt Sen – Logan and Lotus Seed Sweet Soup Form: Drink Serve: Warm or Cold Price Range: 10,000- 15,000 VND/ serving...

Ky Cung – Ta Phu Temple Festival

Time: 22nd to the 27th day of the first lunar month. Place: Lang Son City, Lang Son Province. Objects of worship: Than Cong Tai, a head...

Phu Dong (Phù Đổng) festival

Thanh Giong (Thánh Gióng) festival is called also festival of Phu Dong (Phù Đổng) village (popular name is Giong village). This is one of...

Savor the unique and tasty Hai Duong golden dragon green bean cakes

Green Bean cake is well-know with the special tructure, characteristic flavour and strong sweet taste. Green bean cake contained warmly flavor of Northern countryside
Fish Sauce – a famous Vietnamese condiment

Fish Sauce – a famous Vietnamese condiment

When having most Vietnamese food, “nuoc mam” or Fish Sauce is the indispensable spice of much deliciousness.

Vegetarian eating in Vietnam – same, same but different!

Vietnam is not only a rather peculiar country of North Asia with extremely friendly and helpful people but its vegetarian regional menu is also worth...
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