Banh duc in Hanoi

Banh duc in Hanoi
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Banh duc restaurant has become familiar to Hanoians for 30 years. Today, this restaurant still attracts both young people and the old people of the previous generation.

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The 30-year-old restaurant of Banh duc

This restaurant is more than 30 years old. In the past, it was located on the sidewalk of Le Ngoc Han street and now in a small valley. In spite of the narrow space, the customers come here at any time of a day.

Mrs Noi said she has started to sell Banh duc since subsidy period. Previously, it was a simple dish of poor people. However, when the economy has more and more developed, her family still keeps the traditional work. It is the good taste of Banh duc that has kept the love of customers in many years.

Banh duc in Hanoi Banh duc in Hanoi

Banh duc in here is made based on the traditional recipe so it has a special flavor.

The customers coming here not only enjoy Banh duc but also remember a part of poor period in their lives.

The price

The price for a bowl of Banh duc is 15,000VND, quite cheap compared to other current foods.

Banh duc in Hanoi Banh duc in Hanoi

The customers of this restaurant belong to all classes in the society and all ages. Some people have been the familiar guests of the restaurant since they were children. Nowadays, it attracts many young people to come here in order to enjoy a delicious, cheap and famous dish of Hanoi.