Bun moc

Bun moc
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Every morning, on Nguyen An Ninh street, district 1, there is a restaurant which is always full of customers and only serves one dish, Bun moc with the price of 55,000VND/ bowl.

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Bun moc in Saigon

This dish comes from Hanoi and its name is originated from the name of a village in Nhan Chinh district, Hanoi, Moc village. It is a common dish of Hanoians.

Bun moc Bun moc

In Saigon, Bun moc on Thanh Mai restaurant still remains the flavor in north region, so it has attracted customers for 40 years. A hot bowl of Bun is served for customers with full of ribs, pork and 4 types of rolls: lean pie pork, cinnamon rolls, fried rolls and leaf rolls and especially the strong flavor of the broth.

According to the owner, the broth is cooked from 2 seperated ingredients: pig bone and ribs so it is very clear and has a natural sweet flavor. All the ingredients of Bun moc are processed based on the traditional recipe in Hanoi cuisine.

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The location

Bun moc Bun moc

The restaurant is located in the cross of Truong Dinh and Nguyen An Ninh street. It is always crowed in the morning and in the noon but its service is very fast. The price of a small bowl is 50,000VND and a big bowl is 55,000VND not including the parking fee.