Cay Cake Thai Binh

Cay Cake Thai Binh
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It is 12 kilometer away from Thai Binh city in Dong Hung district. The village is famous for Cay cake. Cay cake is a traditional typical specialty of Thai Binh. >>Cao lau Hoi An (Hoi An vermicelli)

Cay Cake (Thai Binh)

The process of making Cay cake is quite complicated. Materials for making Cay cake are Cai Hoa Vang sticky rice, groundnut, sesame, ginger, coconut, Gac fruit, pig fat, sugar, malt and other spicy materials. Looking at Cay cake piece, we can imagine Cay egg, as it is local name. Cay cake has special taste, which is crispy, tough and fragrant. Visiting Nguyen Xa village and enjoying Cay cake is favorite of tourists.

Cay Cake Thai Binh Cay Cake Thai Binh

Coming to Nguyen Xa village, tourists can also enjoy water puppet arts. Puppets are made by local artists. Visitors can also see how to make funny puppets by local people.

Banh Gai Tu Tru – Thanh Hoa

Banh Gai (black glutinous cake) in Tu Tru - Thanh Hoa province is among the most popular specialties in Thanh Hoa. Banh Gai Tu Tru Banh Gai Tu Tru The cake has its distinctive flavor made from some simple ingredients with an esoteric recipe which helps to create such a delicious cake. Tu Tru has grown into bocoming a brand name which is always something that visitors can’t miss to bring home when they come to Thanh Hoa.