Delicious dishes in Dong Thap

Delicious dishes in Dong Thap
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Dong Thap is famous for not only the beautiful sceneries but also for the delicious dishes.

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Ca loc nuong trui cuon la sen (Grilled fish wrapped in lotus leaf)

Snakehead fish is caught from the pond. It has a natural sweet taste and does not have much bone. The fish is grilled carefully to make the skin crispy. When it is served for the customers, the chef will add a little green onion oil and roasted peanut. The grilled snakehead is often served with young lotus leaf and dipped with garlic chili swett and sour fishsauce.

Doi luon rim nuoc cot dua (eel with coconut milk)

Doi luon is a popular dish in Dong Thap. It is cooked in the coconut milk to creat a special good smelling and a strong flavor from peanut and onion. This dish is very eye-catching and attractive.

Hu tieu Sa Dec

The noodle of Hu tieu Sa Dec is soft and sticky, especially, it has the special flavor of rice and a white color like fresh milk. In addition, the broth of this dish is clear but good smelling. This dish is often served with Quay or fresh vegetables.

Hu Tieu is a type of noodle with seasoned and sauté beef. Even though it is not as popular as Hu Tieu Nam Vang and Hu Tieu My Tho, the Hu Tieu dish of Sa Dec still has a special position in the list of many gourmets.

Hu tieu Sa Dec via Hoi ky luc gia Viet Nam

The most important ingredient, the noodle used in this dish must be milky white, soft, sticky and fragrant. The sauce is usually made with pig bones.  It is pretty hard to make because the cook must maintain a medium temperature and continuously scoop the bubbles out of the boiling pot.

The other important ingredients of the dish are the boiled meat including grinded lean meat, sliced lean meat, meat balls, etc. To decorate the bowl, the cook adds Vietnamese onion, cabbage, and coriander. 

Com hap la sen (steamed rice in lotus leaf)

Com hap la sen is a dish showing the essence of the nature. It is a luxury but also familiar dish to all people. From the simple ingredients such as rice, lotus seeds, sesame salt, shrimp and carrot, with skillful hanf of the chef, it becomes a delicious dish. When done, the dish will have the eye-catching colors of the ingredients, the special flavor of spicies, especially the attractive flavor of lotus.

Nem Lai Vung

From the north to the south, Nem maybe a familiar dish to many people. In each region, Nem has its own flavor. Nem Lai Vung is a delicious and meaningful gift for friends and family member after your trip in Dong Thap.

In the Lai Vung District of the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap, the locals take pride in their Nem chua recipe, which has been passed down through many generations. Called “nem Lai Vung” after the district, it became more widely known in 1975 when a local woman, Tu Man, made Nem chua for visitors. She used pork, but she also used pig liver, and then ground them into a mixture with rice, shrimp meat and seasonings. The characteristics of nem Lai Vung and other specialty foods from Lai Vung District are so distinctive and recognizable that they have been registered under a domestic brand name. Tourists to Dong Thap Province can take part in nem Lai Vung cooking classes to learn more about this regional specialty.

Thit chuot Dong Thap (Dong Thap mouse)

Thit Chuot Dong Thap via Linkedin

The mouse in here is the specialty all the visitors want to try at least once. The field mouses only eat herb and rice so their meat is very firm and good smelling. Looking the big field mouses being roasted or stirred with lemongrass and chili, the diners surely cannot resist. This dish has the same flavor as the meat of wild deer. It is much better if the dish is served with lemon pepper salt, laksa leaves, green banana, potato and cucumber.

Banh phong tom Sa Giang (Sa Giang prawn crackers)

Banh phong tom or the prawn craker is made from flour, fresh shrimp and pepper. The diners can enjoy it aftern fried with hot oil. At this time, the crackers will enlarge, crispy and greasy.

Lau ca linh bong dien dien (Linh fish with dien dien flower hot pot)

The flooding season is also the time for the best Linh fish in the this time, linh fish is in medium size and has fat in its belly. In addition, Dien dien flower has a special flavor: crispy, good smelling and greasy. The interesting combination between linh fish and dien dien flower brings a new and unique flavor for the hot pot.

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