Mekong Delta pancakes

Mekong Delta pancakes
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Among the dishes of Mekong Delta cuisine, the southern pancake is a stand-out.

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Mekong delta cuisine

The common aspects of Mekong Delta dishes are honesty, simplicity and rusticity. But it is also meticulous in the way of processing. The irresistible attraction to southern cuisine comes from the perfect blend between rustic and fine features in every dish.

Mekong Delta pancakes Mekong Delta cuisine

Referring to the Mekong Delta cuisine, we cannot forget to mention southern pancakes. If you have a chance to taste this dish, you will never forget its tasty and rustic flavor.

Some wonder about the difference between the pancakes in the central Vietnam and in the Mekong Delta. The distinction is the size: the pancake of the Mekong Delta is much larger than that in the central region. In addition, the pancake in the central region is poured in a mold, while the pancake in the Mekong Delta is poured into a large pan.

The attractiveness of the Mekong Delta pancakes

Mekong Delta pancakes Mekong Delta pancakes

The attractiveness of the Mekong Delta pancake is the thin crispy crust. When enjoying this dish, you will feel pieces of pancake melt right in your mouth. Fillings are varied, depending on each region but in the Mekong Delta, it includes bean sprouts, mushrooms, bacon, shrimp, chicken meat, chopped duck meat and other vegetables like leaf lettuce, Thai basil, mint. Particularly, the pancake made from the Forbidden Mountain in An Giang use the best mountain vegetables.