3 reasons you should go to Da Lat right now


“The golden season” of Da Lat tourism is about in the end of Autumn and at the beginning of Winter when the tree marigold, pansy and pink grass have the most wonderful beauty.

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Da Lat tourism attracts visitors all year around but only in the autumn, the city in fog is really brightened with the beautifully colorful wild flowers. November, when almost of tourist attractions are in the low season, is the time many visitors coming to Da Lat.

Tree marigold

Not the beautiful flowers in the garden or the flower festival, but the tree marigold with the true taste of wild nature makes the tourists remember to Da Lat. The tree marigold grows wildly along 2 sides of the road in large blooms, over the human head. The petal is as big as the sunflower but tree marigold only has one layer and its color is brighter.

The season of tree marigold begins in the end of October and most blooming in November. At this time, the space is covered the eye-catching yelllow color, creating a unique feature of the autumn the other places do not have. At any corner, the tourists easily see the flower, which is considered as the symbol of the Central Highland’s love, blooming in the sunlight, from the trail to the valley.

In thiss season, young people often rent motorbikes and the family rent a car to go to the roads with beautiful tree marigold such as the routes: Da Lat – Lien Khuong (along the National Highway 20) – Nam Ban – Ta Nung, Da Lat – Cau Dat – D’ran – Don Duong – Chau Son – Phi Nom – Tu Tra, Da Lat – Van Thanh flower village – Ta Nung – Thac Voi – Langbiang.

The best time in the day to admire the beauty of tree marigold is 9 a.m, when the sun rises and the sunlight touches the petals.

Tree marigold via Tour Asia

The pansy garden

It is the newest discovery in this year autumn of Da Lat. Dalat Milk farm is not stranger with many flower fields which are planned as beautiful as an outdoor studio. However, in this year, the tourists who have been here still have the reason to come back thanks to the appearance of a new flower field – the pansy garden with 7 different colors.

If in the past, you feel jealous of young people in Korea because of their giant pansy garden, at the present, do not have to go too far, right in Da Lat, you also have many beautiful photos. The gentle colors of the pink, purple, red, orange, white and yellow petals are interleaved. The thin and light petals look like the thousands of butterflies in the wind.

The farm is located near the city center of Da Lat and it is quite easy to go. Because this is a famous tourist attraction, you can find many signals along the way as well as encounter many new friends on your journey. Located in Tutra commune, Don Duong district, Lam Dong province, the farm also has many flower fields interspersed with wide grass fields and lakes, creating a romantic space. The tourist services are quite diverse so you do not need to prepare too much.

The pink grass hill

The pink grass hill via Chudu24

Appearing about 2 year ago, the pink grass field has become the branch of Da Lat’s autumn and among the list of can-not-miss tourist attractions in Da Lat. November, the grass fields turm into pink with the very small petals, covering a wide space, next to the peaceful lake making the tourists feel lost in a fairy land.

The pink grass wildly grows into blooms, has been appeared a long time ago and familiar to the local people. In the morning, the grass is white but when the sun rises, a large land suddenly turns into pink, looking like a cloud carpet on the ground. You should come here in the sunny days and you will have some nice pictures.

The pink grass hill is located on a place which is seperated to the bustling city. From Da Lat city’s center, you go along Tran Hung Dao – Hung Vuong street to Trai Mat road junction and turn left to Thai Phien flower village. You go 2km more to come to the pink grass hill. You should come here at 9 a.m or 4 p.m when it is not to sunny.

The season of pink grass lasts in about November and December, attracting many profesional and amateur photographers as well as the backpackers who love the beauty of wild nature.    

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