400 years-old paper flower making village in Hue to welome Tet holiday


The paper flower makers in Thanh Tien village, Phu Vang, Hue city, have started to dry the bamboo since the end of the third quarter. In the January of the next year, they will begin to form the shape and fully assemble to serve for the Tet holiday.

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The history

Belonged to Phu Mau commune, Phu Vang district, Thua Thien – Hue province, this traditional village is located in the south bank at the downstream of the Perfume river, near Sinh road junction, 7km from Hue city. This place is surrounded by the straight reice fields and the roof tiles with green trees along the road.

As history, in the past, the local people in Thanh Tien grew rice plants. The climate in Hue was quite extreme: The sun was sharply hot and the rain was heavy, even lasted for several months. Therefore, the local people always worried about the life in the winter. That is the reason why the paper flower making was born.

400 years-old paper flower making village in Hue to welome Tet holiday via lendang.vn

The traditional village at curently

Mrs Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam is one of many artists who have been doing this for many years. At this time, she and her staffs work hard to serve customers orders.

Mr Pham Loan (62 years old), one of the craftsmen who have had nearly one life in this industry, shared that he wanted to preserve the tradition, want his descendants to know the beautiful culture of the Vietnamese. The economic benefit is not worth much.

Each Tet holiday, he was about to warm his heart again. Every year this artisan family reunites in simple style house with colorful paper flowers. Paper flowers here are made in various types such as roses, lotus, chrysanthemum and gerbera.

Mr. Loan revealed the secret of making paper flowers concentrates in staining, so that the paper flowers retain its durable color. Florists do not use industrial chemicals, but use resins and leaves to make dyes in the traditional way.

The color of Thanh Tien paper flowers is not monotonous. The white paper is dyed into eye-catching paper with five main colors: pink, purple, blue, yellow, and white.

The lively lotus flowers by the artist living in the village are created by Mr. Than Van Huy from traditional paper flowers. Paper lotus here has a later life, appeared from 2008 to present.

400 years-old paper flower making village in Hue to welome Tet holiday via Foody

The colorful paper flowers are taken care of carefully in each detail with the unique stamping technique of this village combined with silk painting techniques, watercolor dyed paper from bold to light, with evenness.

Painter Than Van Huy said that people asked the lotus only has pink and white color but why his lotus paper has many colors he said: “In the Lotus Sutra of Buddhism, each lotus is represents a Buddha. I also get ideas from that to make the colorful lotus paper because the lotus flower represents the Buddhism.

Lotus paper is solemnly placed on the altar of the Buddha. Hue people attach a great importance to spirituality and worship. In their opinion, the paper flowers are pure flowers, no impure effect due to the use of fertilizers such as fresh, steel or plastic flowers. Therefore, the craft of making paper flowers here is not lost like other traditional craft.

In addition to worship, paper lotuses are made into clay vessels, with electric lights to decorate the living room or make accents for the interior of the room. Every year, Thanh Tien paper flowers are displayed at festivals such as Hue Festival, Hue Traditional Festival, Tam Giang Water Festival.

In order to timely supply the needs of all homes on the occasion of Tet, at this time people who love paper flowers have been able to find this village to order. The price of paper flower Thanh Tien on the altar to worship the Kitchen God is 15,000 VND / pair, while the lotus paper is more expensive, the price range from 20,000 to 30,000 VND / flower.

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