8 beautiful homestays suitable for holidays (P1)


The reasonable price, comfortable room and impressive decor are the highlights of these beautiful homestay. Let’s check it out!

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1. Hidden Villa, Soc Son

This is one of the featured homestays near Hanoi in 2017. The Hidden Villa is just over 30km away from Hanoi. It is located in Soc Son, close to Viet Phu Thanh Chuong. So it only takes about 40 minutes from the center of the capital. The most remarkable thing about this villa is that it reminds us of Edward Cullen’s bungalow in Twilight.

This Nordic-style glass-enclosed garden house is surrounded by rows of pine trees, large enough for a water table, outdoor dining table, outdoor BBQ area. Of course, there are also swing chairs and a large enough lawn to relax if you want to return to childhood.

This house not only has an amazing appearance but also a very relaxed furniture. The house is not small, but only 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, so although it has no limit to the number of people, you should only go up to 10 people to rest comfortable and private enough.

The room price is 4 million VND for 2 days and 1 night. It is not cheap but if you go in a big group, it is very economical. So if you need to find a place to escape from the heart of the city, this is a good idea.  However, because it is a very hot name, you should book early to rent this home!

Hidden Villa via Foody

2. The house next to the forest – U Lesa

This homestay is located in Soc Son, in a quiet forest, about 40 km from Hanoi with a journey time of about 50 minutes to 1 hour drive. Because of that location, the homestay is very quiet, peaceful, suitable for those who want to short-term disappear from the cramped and noisy city.

U Lesa has 3 separated areas including a spacious brick house, a lovely two-story villa called the White House and a beautiful wooden house that comes out in fairy tales, in which the wooden house is only 10m2, but the view overlooking the villa and BBQ yard is a lot of praise.

Rooms are very nice, cozy and comfortable with full of facilities such as toilet, hot and cold water, air conditioning, bed and desk. However, if you choose to stay in the bungalow, when cooking needs to be down to the area below to secure in case of forest fire.

For convenience, this homestay has quite a lot of facilities for entertaining, which is BBQ grill, a soaking pool for 5 people and a dip at the same time. In the summer, it is an interesting relaxing tub, winter can be wood to sit up into a round bed. In addition, the children will be fascinated with the swing or the brilliant yellow slide here.

White houses and bungalows are only suitable for groups of 2 up to 4 people. The largest is a brick house with a maximum capacity of 10 people. Room rates range from 1.2 million to 1.499 million VND / night / 2 people. Brick home base price of 3 million to 4.5 million per night / day usually or weekend.

U Lesa via Di Vi Vu

3. La Dao Ta Van Spa

La Dao is a homestay cafe and spa which is very beautiful and private in Ta Van. Not really a café shop, because in fact this is also a homestay and spa. La Dao is now well-known as a cafe, but if you want to live slowly in Sa Pa, enjoy the green space, close to the mountains in a true meaning, this is a good place to stay.

However, La Dao only has 4 bungalows for guests, so if you want to stay here, you should book early. In return, each bungalow has a balcony with beautiful view, relaxing seats, beautifully decorated interior, combined with decorative accents from brocade or unique bamboo material.

Because of the integrated spa services should be in the massage services, therapists here are also worth trying. Red Dao’s therapeutic packages with professional staff will help you relax after hiking and discovering Sa Pa. The price of massage here is about 490 to 590 thousand VND per person.

In addition, homestay also has the advantage of food and drink and the restaurant space thanks to this place’s decor of a cafe. Drinks in the variety of tea leaves, tea, coffee, fruit juice, flavored indigenous dishes such as grilled pork, fried spring fish, duck with dracontomelon or stir-fried vegetable… The room price in La Dao is 790 thousand VND / night / 2 people. Food can be ordered according to actual needs.

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