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4. Bo House

If you still dream about the pretty beautiful and strange homestay in Da Lat, when coming to Moc Chau for flower seeing, do not ignore Bo House. That is really beautiful. The bedrooms at Bo House are decorated in attractive colors. Each room has an impressive style, so that visitors always feel excited after each visit. Not only that, there is also a teabreak area with picturesque and colorful windows.
Coming to Bo House, you can feel cozy as you are at home, with neat rooms and beautiful decoration. Each room of Bo House is decorated with attractive and eye-catching colors. Any corner can make you have many beautiful photos. At the same time each room has different decorations that make you go from a surprise to another one. If you go in a large group, Bo House also has a dorm room to choose from.

This homestay has lots of cute little angles to check in. In addition, there is a common kitchen where you can go to the market, cook yourself in the kitchen and gather together at the table just like when you are at home.

Not only beautiful space, but room rates here are also extremely attractive, ranging from 50,000VND / person with dorm room and 150,000VND / single room. In addition there is room for groups of 5-7 people. The price is about 800,000VND / room.

Bo House via Lozi.vn

5. Minh House

Being unique, beautiful, cool, relaxing, comfortable, Minh house convergence too many plus points enough for anyone travelling to Da Nang also want to stay here. Homestay is a combination of unique architecture with botanical garden and fresh nature. The space here is very spacious with many green trees to relax. Especially, the deep brown tone brings the place to feel relaxed and cozy.

Unlike other homestays which are small rooms in a block, homestay in Minh house form ecological apartment with full facilities for family activities. Each apartment accommodates different spaces: bed, canteen, tea lounge … suitable for 2 adults and 2 children. You can stay up to 7 people. The third person will collect an additional fee of 160,000VND.

This Homestay has breakfast (included in room rate) and there is also a kitchen in each unit, so if you like, you can cook for yourself as a homestay for the whole family. Another plus point is that Minh house is very close to the sea, just a few minutes walk you can launch with the waves of Pham Van Dong beach.

Room rates at Minh House are around VND1.2 million per night. Besides homestay in Ha Bong Street, Minh House also has more facilities in To Hien Thanh with a youthful design and more hotel orientation.

Minh House via booking.com

6. Home of the dreamers

Become a phenomenon from 2016, and extended to 2017, Quy Nhon is still a hot destination for travelers. Due to the relatively new, new accommodation as homestay quality in Quy Nhon is not much. However, there are some highlighted ones, and one of these homestays worth a try if you want to experience a new and youthful one with the indigenous spirit that is Home of the dreamers Quy Nhơn.

This homestay is located right in Bai Xep Beach with white-blue tones and wall panels which are decorated with sea breeze that makes people love at first sight. It can be siad that the space of this homestay is designed to be young and fashionable. In addition, there is a nice outdoor dining area and plunge pool, which is great for group activities if you are in the large group.

Homestay has 3 types of rooms, including beachfront bungalow, double room and dorm room. Especially on the terrace of the main building has a view straight out to the sea, so if you are a little lazy, you just sit quietly on the chairs set to admire beautiful natural scenery. Room rates here are about 200,000VND for dorm room, double room type, bungalow from 700,000 to 950,000VND for high season, low season 20% off.

Home of the dreamers via booking.com

7. The Shelter homestay

About 2km from central Da Lat, The Shelter homestay is clear on a small slope, half in the middle of the valley of grass Da Lat. At The Shelter, you will find something dusty and somewhere there are also quiet spaces covered with romance romance.

The Shelter is a loft-style homestay, with only a couple of dorm rooms and dorm rooms that are decorated in a distinctive retro style – classic nostalgic and simple. The Shelter is also home to tents. The bed was filled with roses, bed sheets, bookshelves, tables and chairs – and a white tent filled with warm, golden light.

The Shelter has 4 double rooms and 2 dormitories (each with 4 single beds – one attic and one ground floor) with private, comfortable and cozy space. Especially the attic room (dorm room) has windows overlooking the rose garden.

Room rates are from 150,000 to 400,000VND, of which the double room price is 400,000VND / night. Single bed price is 150,000VND / person / night, including the breakfast.

The Shelter homestay via Flynow

8. 88 Hilltop Hostel

Phu Quoc is one of the hot spots. Referring to Phu Quoc, people often think of a series of expensive five star resorts, but Phu Quoc also has beautiful homestay that is affordable. Among them, we cannot miss 88 Hilltop Hostel.

88 Hilltop is located at the top of a hill where the dawn or sunset is beautiful. 88 Hilltop is a dorm room, consisting of 3 room types: 10 beds, 8 beds and 4 beds. All are extremely comfortable and clean. Do not think that in the dorm, you will lose its privacy because every bed is equipped with curtain.

Not only the space of beautiful rooms and impressive house decor here, every corner also makes us surprise suddenly. For example, on the roof of 88 Hilltop there is a lovely café. Or the balcony to spread the net for you to read the book is also very interesting. Depending on the season, the price will change, the peak season will be from 240,000 to 480,000VND, but other seasons cost from 220,000 to 350,000VND only.

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