A place you can retreat with “flowering” food and drink in Saigon


In the midst of the noisy city, there is a place where you can buy beautiful flowers, just have a cup of coffee, enjoy the peace of the weekend.

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Although I heard a lot about Padma De Fleurs, but when I came to the shop, looking into the interior space, I still hesitated to know exactly wether this is a flower shop, a restaurant or a coffee shop. That made me slow down a beat when attempting to enter, but then remember the sentence my friend affirmed “the dreamer is not disappointed,” I bravely open the door. Staying here one day, I have a very interesting answer for my own.

Flowering rice – a rare surprise experience

Probably, this place is the only one in Saigon serving lunch that is displayed so elegantly. At 12 noon, the shop bustles guests to eat. On each table is the name of the diner, since most have to reserve a seat in advance. Every day, the shop only serves about 25 servings.

The most special thing that patrons here know that there is no menu available. The owner with 33-year cooking experience for the family resolutely buy only good food in every season, so that morning she go to the market to see what fresh material, decide the lunch will serve what food. Because of this, guests do not have to bother choosing, hesitation, because of the place, when the rice tray is served, they know what to eat. That was a small surprise, making the experience of the day more interesting.

Having lunch at the flower shop, diners will enjoy a tray of rice in pure Vietnamese flavor with enough rice, soup, fried dishes and dessert. The rice is cooked like in home with dishes of the North or the South and each sauce must also match the taste of the main dish. Workers who are away from home, sometimes eat meals here, but also remember to the rice their mother cook at home.

But what makes diners surprised before enjoy the taste of food is a beautiful decoration with flowers. Each dish was well crafted with graceful flowers, and of course was thoroughly cleaned before display.

A portion of rice is priced at 120,000 VND, which would be higher compared to a lunch of majority of the office population, but worthy of the quality, taste and a special space like here because diners not only eat delicious dishes, but also experience a relaxed afternoon, relaxed soul on the beautiful things surrounded. Perhaps this explains why every day lunch here is full of customers.

Padma De Fleurs

A coffee shop – an ideal place to relax between busy Saigon

The whole space is decorated with trees and flowers but the large bucket is decorated throughout the entire house and the large garden inside. With the cozy furniture, the whole space of this place is very lovely and close.

It seems that no one has come to this store to look at the picture, the smallest corner makes you look at it and record it. And every few days, the layout of the space is changed depending on the season flowers. So whether taken by professional camera or just a phone you also get a beautiful photo delicacy.

Especially the garden area is the most popular. The garden is a peaceful place for cool days. It is the place where guests want to enjoy the natural wind instead of the air-conditioned space, watch the swaying leaves and enjoy the tea or calmly read a book.

To serve the complete relaxation needs of customers, the restaurant serves drinks. The drinks here are not so varied, mainly juice or tea. However, every dish is beautifully decorated and so thoughtful that diners have to admit, and sometimes surprise. Sitting in such a beautiful and poetic space, enjoying a glass of tea, a cup of water that is carefully tasted in a glass, makes the process of enjoying even more complete.

Perhaps, it is no coincidence when the shop owner put the flowers full of love on the table for lunch to view. The petals themselves, when leaving the branches, are still valuable. In this case, they give us the most beautiful, and most important, experiences that make us feel better and more loved in this busy urban life.

A flower shop to listen to and find out the feelings

Padma De Fleurs

And most importantly, all flower lovers in Saigon know about Padma De Fleur, because this place is best known as a flower shop. As soon as you open the door, you will touch a space separate from the noise out there. The fragrance of flowers blends in with the old-fashioned taste of time, from the exposed brick walls, pots and wood-framed dark wood shavings … to make you feel incredible.

You may find that Padma’s floral arrangement has a European flavor by shop owners who have long lived in France, but Padma’s flowers are not as opulent as imported flowers. Flowers here are mainly seasonal flowers, but flower packaging is very creative. In pursuit of the European style of flower arrangement, Padma’s flower bouquets are free and liberal.

In Padma, personal colors, emotions are the most valued ones. Flowers are the thing that is chosen to convey and express that. Workers here care for their work in a unique, nurturing and improvisational way. They said, the principle to create a beautiful bouquet is … no principle. The perfect flower bouquet is the flower that gives you the most emotion.

Buy flowers at the shop, you will tell your story, the person you want to donate, your favorite color for the flower designer to design a bouquet just for you. So here there is no bouquet of flowers. They often give people the impression of improvisation as if a new bouquet of flowers was brought back from the garden; Or you will be surprised by the innovative accessories such as some wild flowers, vegetables and fruits such a bouquet results in a creative and unexpected experience for the recipient.

My friend told me, for a long time, shop again held a workshop on flower arrangement technique. These workshops are not too crowded but cozy, you will learn how to arrange flower, how to send colors, how to send emotions so that each flower vase, each flower bouquet is a manifestation of the feelings. It ia really interesting.

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