A poetic and romantic place for the trip at the end of the year 2017


Pleiku, on these days, have enough pink grass, wildflowers and beautiful highly blue sky.

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Diversity in the weather

Speaking of Pleiku, everyone will think of a plateau of red soil with plenty of tea and coffee trees. However, few people know that Pleiku is as beautiful and romantic as Da Lat. Especially in the dry season, Pleiku becomes more brilliant with golden flowers and pink grassy hills as in a painting.

Pleiku is a city in Gia Lai province, Central Highlands. It is usually divided into two seasons: rainy season and dry season. During the day, the weather is usually divided into 4 seasons. In the morning, you will feel the cold weather and the dew frosts the path as in the spring. Until noon, you will feel quite hot with pretty hot sun as in the summer. In the afternoon, it will be as cool as in the autumn, and for the night it will feel like in the winter, now you have to bring your jacket if you do not want to shiver.

Best time to visit

If traveling to Pleiku, choose the period between the middle of November to Tet holiday. This is the time when the mountain town has the mildest and most comfortable climate. At the same time, this time is also the period Pleiku becomes the most beautiful and romantic.

A poetic and romantic place for the trip at the end of the year 2017 via Bao Gia Lai


White flowers of coffee trees

Unlike Da Lat, Pleiku is a wild mountain town with a quiet and less shabby life. With the speed of urbanization, Pleiku has now expanded many more high-rise buildings; streets are also more crowded and more modern. Therefore, in order to feel the wild and idyllic life, go deep into the districts and communes with wide paths of coffee and tea trees. In this season, the café seeds are ripe and lingering on the branches, swaying in the wind and smelling the characteristic aroma. It will not be too difficult to see the green coffee mills lying between the red dirt roads.

Yellow wildflowers

The Mountain Town, another name of Pleiku, is not only coffee, it is also the place where wildflowers – the flowers of mountain bloom on the hills, on small paths into villages, even the flowers bloom on both sides of the highway. At this time, the Mountain Town is covered with the brilliant colors of yellow flowers, making this place is romantic and peaceful but also very fresh.

Pink grass hills

In addition to the yellow color of wildflowers making an impression in the heart of the traveler, the pink grass hills are also attracted tourists. Does only Da Lat have the pink grass? The grass is beautiful, dazzling and passionate making anyone passing by must stop.
A poetic and romantic place for the trip at the end of the year 2017 via Bao nguoi lao dong

Chu Dang Ya volcano

Traveling to Pleiku this season, you visit the volcano of Chu Dang Ya. This is a volcano that stopped operating millions of years ago, in Chu Dang Ya commune, Chu Pah district. The mountain is nestled among the forest, covered with fertile basaltic soil, which facilitated the growth of many food crops. Around this time, the volcano is popped up with yellow flowers mixed with the green of the forest, the rows of tea looking like a picture drawn by a genius painter.

Tan Son Dam

On the way back to Pleiku city, stop by Tan Son Dam. This is an irrigation dam in Chu Pah district, a beautiful site but seems to have been forgotten. Tan Son Dam, with its calm blue lake, lies dormant under a mountain range, like the princess who was asleep for the prince to call up.

Ho Che

Besides, do not forget to visit ​​Ho Che, with the walkway between two rows as high as in fairy tales. And remember to enjoy a cup of coffee with some specialties in the plateau of red soil!

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