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Nga Son

Visiting Nga Son District of Thanh Hoa Province, you will enjoy your chance to discover magnificent landscapes as well as taste special foods in this place. It absolutely will bring you unforgettable memories and keeps you back one more time.

Nga Son District is located in the north – east of Thanh Hoa province, it is considered to be a destination with a lot of beautiful and stunning sites as well as delicious and unique dishes. There are 250 cultural monuments with 42 monuments which have been rated in Nga Son. Coming to Nga Son, visitors will be surprised at seeing mountain ranges and knowing about the legend of sites in this place.

Nga Son is attached to the legend of Mai An Tiem, Ba Dinh revolution and Nga Son mat weaving. Visitors firstly will have an opportunity to immense themselves into the landscape with a lot of mountains here. Nga Son is one of the districts in Thanh Hoa that has a lot of mountains with beautiful and fascinating landscapes. It is a very ideal place for you to take a picnic or a party on air. It is also the choice of couples for their wedding pictures due to the natural and magnificent beauty of the mountains and lakes here. There are some famous monuments in Nga Son that visitors should take a visit while visiting Nga Son.

Nga Son

First of all, Mai An Tiem pagoda is seemed to be the most interesting place in Nga Son that you can not miss during your trip. This place is attached to the legendary figure of Hung Vuong. The pagoda covers 3,5 ha in Nga Son and it was designated the national cultural heritage. Annually, the pagoda often takes place the festival from 12nd to 15th of March (Lunar calendar). On the occasion of the festival, there are many activities taking place in this place such as performances, competition of folk games such as tug of war, bag jumping, human chess, cock fighting, rice cooking competition,… These folk games make the festival become more interesting and exciting. Besides it, it is a place for those who follow Buddhism and it is the place of worship. Therefore, there are so many people in the province and in the country often gather in this place to visit the pagoda as well as carry out their worship.

Secondly, Tu Thuc Cave is another destination in Nga Son that you should spend time visiting and experiencing its amazing beauty. The cave is attached to the legend of “Tu Thuc meets Fairy” and it was rated the national unique landscape by Ministry of Culture and Information. Tu Thuc Cave is a colourful and wonderful cave with a lot of stalactites in different shapes and sizes. You will seem to be lost in the paradise when coming to visit Tu Thuc Cave.