Bac Son valley in yellow rice season


As a popular destination in Lang Son, Bac Son rice field attracts visitors to visit at the peak season in July.

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Best time to visit Bac Son

The period from July to November of the year is considered to be the most suitable time for Bac Son season, when the entire Bac Son valley is full of golden yellow rice fields. If you go to Bac Son in other seasons of the year, it is also very interesting. However, you will now admire a Bac Son of green plums.

These indispensable items when chasing Bac Son

You should bring the necessary items for climbing such as jackets, shoes, hats, boots, insect repellent and food along the way as well as the items when camping overnight: flashlights, blankets, food, lighters …

How to move to Bac Son

From Hanoi you have many ways of transporting to Bac Son:

  • From Hanoi to Nhat Tan Bridge -> Vo Nguyen Giap -> Highway 18B -> Hanoi Highway -> Thai Nguyen -> Bac Son.
  • Or from Hanoi to the direction of Thang Long Bridge -> Noi Bai -> Soc Son -> Thai Nguyen -> Bac Son.
  • Take the Thanh Tri Bridge -> Lang Son direction about 100km -> to Huu Lung -> Mt township about 5km on the road 1B Lang Son -> sea “Vo Talk stone mining company” turn toward Yen Vuong -> To Bac Son (Lang Son)

Bac Son is the main tourist attraction of Lang Son to attract tourists, so it is not difficult to rent motels or hotels at the foot of Bac Son Mountain, the room price fluctuates around 200,000 per room / night.

According to the experience of Bac Son fishing season in nine days for cheap accommodation, most people choose Homestay with food service. You can contact Mr. Duong Cong Nguyen at tel: 01276.353.656 or visit the community tourism of Mr. Duong Cong Chai in the village of Quynh Son, telephone number: 0984.026.836. Bed price is about 70,000 VND / person / night and food price is about 80,000 VND / person / meal.

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The beauty of Bac son valley in the ripe rice season

The beautiful season of rice in Bac Son has become a tourist attraction in Lang Son. For photographers, they can get up very early from 4am climbing up the radio station on the peak of Na Lay to dawn. Time to climb is about 45 minutes. To select the beautiful angle you have to climb over the old stairs to the top of the broadcast station with a bit of cost.

Standing on top of Na Lay, visitors can admire the panoramic view of Bac Son valley covered by clouds. Bac Son valley lies in the limestone range stretching along the folds of the Tay, Nung and Dao. The scenic setting with the river flowing across the rice field spread across four surfaces.

In recent years, people have not harvested rice manually; instead they use machinery so the rice is cooked faster. Therefore, visitors should know the details in advance to know the rice harvest when visiting here.

July is the time to attract the most photographers in the year. You can admire the full rice paddies in two weekends. Staying in a house on stilts at VND50,000 per night and eating at a cheap rate (VND150,000 for 4 people at dusk) are the experiences you should try in here.

Coming to the town of Bac Son in the rice season, visitors also have the opportunity to experience a bathing stream, visit the village of Quynh Son and go for picnic …

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To admire the whole beautiful scenery of the golden rice fields in Bac Son, you should spend a full time a day. The first impression when coming to Bac Son valley is the fresh and airy, pleasant climate and wild scenery of rocky mountains and crooked roads.

Bac Son Valley has charming scenery and the whole town is surrounded by limestone mountains. The rice paddies in Bac Son are planted in several crops in a year intertwined, divided into two major crops, of which the golden rice crop is around the end of November and mid-November.

The rice crop in Bac Son is not planted at the time when pre-harvested plots and harvesting sites create interesting patches between ripe and green fields. Especially, after the summer, rains make the entire valley valley filled with water, creating beautiful scenery.

Around the rice fields are mountain clouds mixed together to create a beautiful countryside and poetic painting. The villages of the Nung, Dao and Tay are located near the foot of the mountain to create a wonderful space structure, the mountain style around the house and the rice paddies creates space dreaming.

In addition to the ripe rice, you should not overlook other attractive spots like Bac Dau Waterfall such as Dang Dang Waterfall on Highway 279 from Binh Gia District, Lang Son District to Bac Kan Province or Na Lay …

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