Flying sand dune in Mui Ne – the paradise of sunshine, wind and sand


Flying sand dunes in Mui ne has amazing attraction for all domestic and foreign tourists due to its unique beauty. Flying sand dunes is one of the most exciting destinations in Viet Nam that stretches a several kilometers from with the great area of 50 hectares from Binh Thuan province to Ninh Thuan province. But perhaps, the most beautiful flying sand dunes are in Mui Ne itself that tourists shouldn’t miss to visit. This is considered not only the most unique but also the number one sand dunes in Vietnam originating from a hundreds of year ancient iron mine.

And the reason why it is also called “Flying Sand Dune” is the constant changes of its shape in each hour and each day. Sand here spreads like primitive desert of Africa with several dozens of colors such as white, yellow, brown, red, and especially multiform due to the power of wind. Thus, tourists will have exciting exploration about the beauty, the shape, the color and the contrast when visiting flying sand dunes in different location and time. This beauty of flying sand dunes in Mui ne is the source of not only inspiration for poets, artists, photographers but also material for sand-painting artirts. In addition, it brings the powerful attraction especially for the youth due to interesting games such as sliding on sand, conquering sand dune…