Giao Hai fish market, another attraction of Nam Dinh province

Giao Hai fish market
Giao Hai fish market

Giao Hai is a commune in the buffer zone of the southern Red River Delta Biosphere Reserves, the gateway to Xuan Thuy National Park in Nam Dinh province. Giao Hai commune is blessed by nature and embodies the unique culture of the river moth region.

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About Giao Hai fish market

Giao Hai fish market is not just a trading place, it’s also a place to explore the local culture.

Giao Hai fish market opens as early as 5 a.m. According to tour guide Trinh Van Hau, the morning market is an interesting scene.

Hai said “At 5 in the morning, the wharf is busy with fishing boats. The scene of boats coming in and out is very beautiful”.

Giao Hai fish market
Giao Hai fish market

Though it is early in the morning, the market is busy and crowded. Deals are made quickly as the buyers and sellers know each other and the prices are fixed.

Nguyen Thi Mo, who owns a fishing boat, said the seafood sold in the market is fresh and safe. From September to March is the winter crop and the business season of the commune. Local fishermen catch a wide range of seafood – shrimps, crabs, fish, squid, and octopus. All the seafood is free from chemicals.

The market is only busy for an hour. Frozen fish form the boats are carried in boxes on trucks or motorbikes to nearby retail markets. The market meets again at 4 pm.

The role of Giao Hai fish market

More than 1,000 fishing boats dock at Giao Hai fishing port. Each of them goes fishing for about 12 hours. Because they fish near the shore and their trips are short, they can only earn US$200 to US$300 per trip. Though their fishing depends on the weather, the local fishermen never slack off.

Giao Hai fish market
Giao Hai fish market

Ms Mo said “We spend from US$100 to US$120 for fuel and food on each trip. We leave in the afternoon and return early in the morning. If we earn a lot, we can save a lot. If we earn less, we save less”.

At 6 am, Giao Hai fish market empties as the sun rises. A new day has begun in the Red River Delta.