Ha Tien, Vietnam


Ha Tien, Vietnam is a captivating land. It is enriched in both natural and historical attractions. This is a land of ancient pagodas, pristine white beaches and enchanting caves, and it was probably the first location that was used as a base to support Swift Boat operations in the South Vietnam rivers. Today it is one of the major Vietnam popular destinations.

Among Ha Tien’s major attractions are the Thach Dong stone grotto which is piece of green stone that emerges from the ground showcasing nature’s delicate work of art, the Chong stone, and the Hon Phu Tu, Father and Son rocks. This rock is situated around 100 meters offshore. Ha Tien is also home to a number of pagodas including the famous Hang Pagoda which is situated 40 meters below the ground level creating a somber and foggy environment. From Ha Tien one can take a boat ride to the Hai Tac islets, a cluster of 16 islets. It sits in between a shallow water body with the surrounding water level of 4 meters. Hon Doc with its beautiful sand beaches is the largest islet. Ha Tien, Vietnam encloses within its boundaries quite a few exotic beaches. There is the Hon Chong Beach, the Duoc Beach, and the Hon Trem Beach. The Tien Cave is located near the Hon Chong Beach with 2 cave openings. The caves have their western opening on the Duoc Beach. These caves are a must visit when you are sightseeing in Vietnam. They have strange shaped stone drops and some of them remind you of the gold throne of the Nguyen King’s. The Hon Trem Beach is famous for its pristine white sands.