Hon Dam Island Hideaway – the unique homestay in Phu Quoc


Being one of four well-known islands in Phu Quoc recently, Hon Dam now has an isolated homestay in the island named Hon Dam Island Hideaway – a new destination in Phu Quoc Island.

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About Hon Dam island

Being a desert island located in An Thoi archipelago in the south of Phu Quoc island, Hon Dam possesses a great variety of sea creatures with sea anemones, sea cucumbers and a variety of colorful fishes. Because Hon Dam is mostly covered with rocks, it can be said that this island has abundant coral reefs in the few islands around Phu Quoc. It is also because of such characteristics that over the past time, Hom Dam Island is not exploited tourism like other places and there is no homeland or any other service.

Coming to Hon Dam in Phu Quoc. The first things that caught your eye are a clear blue sea, pure white sand and dense coral reefs which are so much that you just face down in the water to see clearly. This is considered as one of the areas with beautiful coral ecosystems which is ranked in the top row of Phu Quoc sea in particular and Vietnam in general.

In addition, Hon Dam in Phu Quoc is home to many species of marine life and fishes… It is extremely rich and diverse for you to watch or explore. Currently, the sea is still very wild. Almostly, a few residents live in here so the island is not affected much by humans so the scene here is really peaceful and beautiful. If you have the opportunity to go to Phu Quoc and want to relax or explore the nature, you should visit this natural land.

Hon Dam Island Hideaway – the unique homestay in Phu Quoc

About Hon Dam Island Hideaway

Hom Dam Hideaway Island is designed to bring you the ultimate bliss with nature but still have moments of relaxation. There are 4 bungalows with 16 beds in common room on the floor. The special feature of the bungalows here is that there is no door, only a thin bamboo screen to separate the space in the room with the outside. Therefore, you can see the sea at any time, even if you have laid your back on the bed to sleep.

Staying in homestay, you have to prepare your thoughts in a place without internet, no television and no air-conditioner. However, the materials that make up the bungalow are environmentally friendly wood materials and above all are designed an open space, so you will not feel stuffy or hot when you rest here.

Because there is the only homestay on Hon Dam island, this place will provide you with meals every day. The food is bought every morning, because there is no refrigerator, so the food will be processed in day. The dishes that you should try when coming to homestay are raw herring, steamed squid, mackerel, sour soup and other seafoods.

In general, all that Hon Dam Island Hideaway offers you is the great thing from nature. You can enjoy watching the blue sea while sipping coffee on the table or with friends to organize a BBQ party on the beach with full of fresh crab and snails.

Hon Dam has not only the sea but also mountains. However, the mountains here are easy to climb and do not take much time. Standing from the top of the mountain, the tourists overlook a vast ocean to the horizon. This will definitely be a memorable experience for those who love discovery.

Hon Dam Island Hideaway – the unique homestay in Phu Quoc

How to get to Hon Dam Island Hideaway

From Duong Dong Town, you arrive at An Thoi fishing port and take the boat to Hon Dam Island or call 091 691 3838 (Mr.Tú) to pick you up. If you just go to visit the island, you will pay 100,000VND service fees including fresh water bath, hammock, sanitation, swimming…

In low season, the bungalow price is 60 $ / room for 2 persons and dorm room is 20 $ / bed including breakfast and 2 way transfer by An Thoi port – Hon Dam island.

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