Lieng Rowoa waterfall – an attractive destination of Lam Dong

Lieng Rowoa waterfall
Lieng Rowoa waterfall

Lieng Rowoa Waterfall also known as the Elephant Fall, is located in the town of Ban Nam, Lam Ha District, Lam Dong. Being 30km from Dalat, 40m wide and 30m high, it is one of the few waterfalls which still retain wild character of Highlands.

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How to get there

From the city center of Dalat, you move towards Ta Nung Pass. Road travel is easy so you try to run as a standard of google map. The path is very beautiful with little car. In roadside you see only a green color of the mountains.

Lieng Rowoa waterfall
Lieng Rowoa waterfall

Because there is no tour guide, you will totally self-sufficient. Despite road sign, so do not be afraid to be extremely optimistic but be careful because the entire path is rocks with green moss that is easily slipped.

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The attraction of Lieng Rowoa waterfall

The waterfall rushes over 30m distance. The steam pervasive appeases all those tired of struggling to come here. You can stand looking at remote waterfall to take a photo or a ledge to take a photo of life. However, sincere advice is not recommended because this place is very slippery, very dangerous.

Then continue to move into No. 10 cave. The way is not difficult but also quite slippery. Apart from this cave, you can also discover Bat Cave.

After going through the lanes with mossy rock cliff, you will reach to a narrow, dark and full of tree roots just enough for one person. You must cling to tree roots to squeeze through the passage to the cave walls.

Lieng Rowoa waterfall
Lieng Rowoa waterfall

This is what you will get after the attempt. A dim cave hidden behind the waterfall, steam rushing into makes everything becomes fuzzy … like some cave on American films.

You can take a shower in here because after less than 5 minutes, you will be thoroughly wet by water flying into the cave a lot. You should pay attention not to go too near the entrance of the cave because the water is very strong in here.

After the journey, you can come back the old way to the outside restaurant to rest. At the entrance to the pub now are extremely gentle dogs which are very friendly to people regardless strange / familiar, then return to the city of Dalat, ending a session of tired but extremely interesting exploring.