Pac Ngoi – A beautiful village near Ba Be lake


Although taking part in developing tourism more than 10 years ago, Pac Ngoi is one of the villages which still keep all the traditional customs with the strong identity of Tay ethnic group.

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Along the National Highway No.3, through Phu Thong and Giang Pass, our car turns to Ba Ba district from Na Phac intersection. In here, there is a small wood board “Pac Ngoi 3 km”. Many gourps of foreign visitors riding motorbikes, after seeing this board, go into a green road through the jungle. Our group also enters the road under many green trees where no sunlight can touch. About 10 minutes, Pac Ngoi village appears.

About 50km from Bac Kan commune and 220km from Hanoi, Ba Be lake is so beautiful that many tourists from southern region are really surprised. Three rivers Pe Lam, Pe Lu and Pe Leng combine to create the large Ba Be lake among lime mountains and forests. Near the lake, you can see some beautiful resorts and hotels next to the road but not crowded.

The tourists coming Ba Be lake in recently prefer Homestay. The crowest one maybe Pac Ngoi village in Nam Mau commune. The village is located in a quite flat land, in front are rich corn fields, behind is the mountain like a giant wall. It is also a convenient place to take the boat to Ba Be.

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The attractive beauty of Pac Ngoi village

Almost of the stilt houses in the village lean back toward the mountain and turn to the lake, creating  a poetic landscape in the mountainous region. Ba Be lake in the past was nearly belonged to Tay ethnic people. They ate, played and lived based on the water season of the lake.

In spite of taking part in tourism activities more than 10 years ago, Pac Ngoi is still one of the villages keeping the traditional customs of Tay ethnic people. Looking far away, more than 70 ancient houses in the style of traditional stilt houses leaning back to the mountain creating a peaceful atmostphere.

The still house of Tay people is built by 4 or 7 ranges of columns and divided into 2 clear areas. The upside is the space for living room, kitchen and bed rooms and the downside is the houseware where the farming tools and the cages of cattle and poultry is located. Normally,  the stilt house will have the structure of 2 or 4 roofs made of Yin Yang tiles or palm leaves.

Coming to Ba Be, any tourist wants to try riding boat on the lake and if having more free time, visitors can try to catch fish with local fishers. In the evening, our group watch the Tay women weaving and Then singing. In the next morning, we and some local people visit other villages surroungding the lake.

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In this trip, we also explore Hua Ma cave in the middle of the mountain with green trees all year around. Inside, the surface of the cave is quite flat. In the middle of the cave, there are dozens of high rock columns created by the nature. Covering the cave is stalactites in many beautiful shapes. Exploring Hua Ma is a new activity in Ba Be, and according to Mr Chuyen – our guide, Ba Be always has something new for those who love the wild nature.

After many hours up to the mountain and down to the lake, everyone is eager to enjoy the delicious dishes of Tay ethnic people including Lam rice, sour shrimp, sour pork and five-colored stemed sticky rice… The best one is the fish in the ditch – the small fish, after cleaned, will be baked on the coal. Besides, there are many other nutrious dishes such as dried pork, sausage, grilled shrimp and steamed chicken with lemon leaves. All of them with the special wine of Tay people is a perfect combination. To balance the meal, the dishes made of forest vegetables into stirred dish or soup are available. They are also great.

The above dishes are cooked when the customers order at the price of about 120,000VND/serving. In addition, the cost of a place to stay overnight is only about 70,000VND/person.

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