Quan Lan ancient village on the sea


Quan Lan Island as a front shield area to keep the outside of the island Van Don (Quang Ninh). Here the region remains of a famous ancient trading port busy.

Here the region remains of a famous ancient trading port busy during the Ly, Tran and Le-scale to large, multi-boat station on the length distributed tens of km.

The distribution of the commercial port extends this help to reduce traffic vessels out to strengthen management and ensure national security. Traces of the ancient village on the island is still being kept from the floor monuments, pottery, porcelain, ancient coins and the old house adjacent connector, arranged in sequence from the bay on the coastal slopes at The Village the same remnants on other islands such as Cong Cai, community, Ngoc Vung, the drain … was discovered recently and the temples, pagodas, stupas surface area that allows visualization.

Quan Lan is one of the main battlefield area occurred resounding victory of the army and people by the famous general Tran Khanh Du Tran commander, engulfed the entire crew union wages Truong Van Ho. Today, the island was a temple, shrine Tran Khanh Du, the minister of his militiamen and the sea village, is the most typical of temples, shrines, homes in Quan Lan. Dinh here valuable architectural and cultural – history to commemorate the annual festival.

The Quan Lan beginning to end on 20-6 on 10th lunar month, Communion is a solemn rite, many fun traditions and re-screen the historical Van Don battle, especially in the dragon boat race beach front home. The joint team urged the drums, loud cheers resound, two boats of the two adjacent Doai North East Martial Arts and in reaching out to the seaport village and began to compete, employment spiraling, circling above the waves. This is a cultural belief expressed solidarity and mail.

Quan Lan Island population has diverse marine life of the white sand beaches along the island long. Cat on the island for many years the factory Van Hai sand mining for export, processed glass, crystal quality in the area East – South Asia. Besides the value of mineral resources, the coastal beaches are dark green pine forests and pristine purity is a resource for the development of ecotourism, beach and quiet relaxation. Visitors to rest, swept beach here fascinated by the dark blue sea and white sand. Recently, the Company Technology U.S. – Vietnam (ATI) has launched the first step Quan Lan resort with traditional floor rooms, restaurants and beach service.