Remember Vietnam’s revolution past when visiting Tan Trao village


Tourists in Vietnam travel who are genuinely interested in Vietnam’s revolutionary history should not miss Tan Trao village where is Ho Chi Minh’s base during the revolution war.

Located northeast of Son Duong commune, Tuyen Quang province it is a trek from Saigon but worth the voyage.

Tan Trao village was president Ho Chi Minh ’s base during the revolution war and including 17 vestiges such as Lan Na Lua, Cay da Tan Trao, Tan Trao communal house and Hong Thai communal house.

Ho Chi Minh lived and worked in Lan Na Lua during the preparation for the 1945 uprising against the ruling French imperial troops. Simply built from bamboo trees and foliage, the area is helpful to keep the revolutionary troops hidden from French surveillance.

Most of the vestiges are under the cover of bamboo which helped keep Ho Chi Minh’s revolutionary army hidden from enemy soldiers