Sa Dec flower village to welcome Tet holiday

Sa Dec flower village is known as the flower capital of the Western region and attracts crowds of tourists to contemplate on the occasion of Tet holiday.
Flowers in Sa Dec village are famous here and abroad. Thousands of flowers here in Tet bloom throughout the village. From here, flowers are transported throughout the areas contributing to the beauty of Tet, festivals and wedding ceremonies.

Welcoming the spring

Sa Dec flower village is nearly 150km to the southwest of Ho Chi Minh City, nestled on the gentle Tien River with alluvium buildup all year round. With the diligence and creativity of the gardener, the four-season flower village always covered by the brilliant flower carpets.
Sa Dec village was formerly Tam Phong Long land which was owned by the Nguyen lords and established by Nguyen Cu Trinh and allocated to the local farmers for cultivation.
In the process of farming, the local people who were gentle people and loved the nature, their living space always has many bonsai blooming.
More and more people who were curious and passionate about the beauty of the colorful flowers wanted to buy flower pots or plants and gradually formed a flower garden.
Sa Dec flower village to welcome Tet holiday via Cong TTDT – Cong an tinh Vinh Long

Preparing for the Lunar New Year

For this year’s festival, Sa Dec flowers village plant the 100 hectares of flowers of about 2,000 households to be ready to supply Tet market.
Gardeners increase many new, strange and beautiful varieties to welcome visitors, in which the key is yellow apricot, chrysanthemum, roses, marigolds and ornamental plants with the meaningful names of  talent, luck, fortune, dollars and money or bright colors symbolizing the trust and hope as pink, velvet, ruby, carnation, lily.
Especially this year, Sa Dec flowers will market a number of new flowers such as short chrysanthemum on the table, 200 species of roses, and Pepino in South America which has beautiful flowers and fruit.
Especially, in Sa Dec, not the same with the image of the flower pots in straight line, visitors will encounter the unique river image in the Western region on Sa Dec flower fields.
Flowers here are planted on the high ridges, below is the water from the canal flowing. The image of Sa Giang girls with rustic clothes and the conical hat standing on the canoe glides on the water to take care or harvest the flower trunk has become the beauty of the Western River, very harmonious with nature, creating beautiful paintings in the spring only in Sa Dec flower village.

Admiring the flower village

Sa Dec flower village has famous reputation far and wide open to welcome guests far away. On these days, coming here, you like “lost in the spring” with thousands of flowers blooming all over a region of Sa Giang.
Step into the flower village to admire the flower space and drop your soul into the world of flowers flooded with a radiant light to help you forget the worries in life.
With you, the world around has only flowers and peaceful and hospitable farmers. They are willing to be a guide, tell you about the origin, characteristics of growth and the time of flowers of each kind of flowers in the sun as a philosopher. The craftsman village has created a real charm in Mekong Delta.
Sa Dec flower village to welcome Tet holiday via Trung tam day nghe Vietravel

Gifts for everyone

Flower village is not only an ideal destination for visitors, admire beautiful and romantic scenery. Here, visitors can manually grow a pot of roses, or a bowl of hyacinth to bring back as a gift.
Until the day near Tet, visit Sa Dec flowers village to see all the beauty of flowers. Perhaps, visitors do not find anywhere outside the village of Sa Dec the unique and interesting images like that. Visitors will also be immersed in the world of blooming flowers and make the picture of Sa Dec more charming and brilliant on spring.
In addition to admire, we will encounter the hustle and bustle of the busy life of both buyers and sellers, most clearly each group of boats and trucks tucked here, then distributed to the neighboring provinces and cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, An Giang and also the northern and central provinces, contributing to the spring colors of many places.

In addition, on this spring, Sa Dec city will organize the Spring Festival held at Sa Dec Park, Nguyen Hue Walking Street, Sa Nhien – Cai Dao flower street from the evening of January 25 to February 2 with many activities associated with flowers, promising the large number of visitors to Sa Dec.

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