Ta Xua – the cloud paradise

Ta Xua
Ta Xua

Ta Xua, belonged to Bac Yen district (Son La), about 220km from Hanoi, is an attractive tourist destination to those who want to “hunt” beautiful and great clouds.

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Ta Xua – an ideal place to see the cloud

The way to Ta Xua is quite difficult to go, but you will be satisfied by the beautiful landscape in here. In the season of cotton mop, the hillside is covered by the white cotton mops which are shine bright in the sun.

One of the favorite destinations to “hunt” cloud which is loved by many tourists is Hanh Dong, 13km form the center of Ta Xua. From Hang Dong, the tourists will have the opportunity to see the beautiful clouds and watch the sunrise.

Ta Xua
Ta Xua

In order to see the torrential clouds, the tourists have to wake up early, from 5 a.m to both “hunt” the clouds and welcome the sunrise. Besides, the most important thing is your luck: The day you choose must be a clear and sunny day.

“Dinosaur backbone” in Hang Dong is chosen by many young people to check-in when coming to Ta Xua.

On the beautiful days, the tourists are free to move in order to see the beautiful clouds, up to 9 a.m to 10 a.m, the clouds still do not vanish.

Another place to see clouds

Ta Xua
Xim Vang

In addition to Hang Dong, Eo Gio, on the way to Xim Vang, 3 km from the center of Ta Xua, is one of the places where we can see the clouds. Because it is not far away from Hanoi, many people spend 2 days to travel here. You can go to TaXua then move to Moc Chau before coming back to Hanoi.