Ta Xua – The fairy scene on the Earth


The mountainous area of Ta Xua, Bac Yen district, Son La province with the sea of clouds are worthy of being considered as the fairy scene on the earth. This place became the meeting point of the photographers and the photographers with the passion of hunting for mountains and clouds in the northwest.

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How to get Ta Xua

To reach Ta Xua upland commune, from Hanoi, we have to follow the road of more than 200km along the national highway 32 through Son Tay – Ha Trung – Thu Cuc, and then turn to Highway 37 with steep passes. . Especially 15km from the center of Bac Yen district to Ta Xua commune, people have to conquer the continuous pass road with the dangerous bends. The road to Ta Xua commune is quite small nowadays, sometimes there are some landslides after the heavy rain. On the foggy day, the road to climb up Ta Xua will really challenge the riding skill of each backpacker.

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The attractive beauty of Ta Xua

Coming to Ta Xua, the tourists are standing at an altitude of 1,500 to 1,700 meters above sea level. In the cloudy days, standing on the high peaks in Ta Xua, visitors will feel the land and sky at the closest distance. In the sunny days, Ta Xua appears as a majestic landscape, with the deep blue color of the mountains, with a white cloud on the blue sky.

In Ta Xua, there are famous places to backpackers and photographers every time they visit this area to admire the scenery. It is Peak of Wind (about 2km from Ta Xua T-junction to Xim Vang Commune, Bac Yen District, Son La Province) and the mountain rising into the heart of the valley with the name of “Dinosaur spine” (about 12km from Ta Xua T-junction to Hang Dong Commune, Bac Yen District, Son La Province).

The climate in Ta Xua is cool all year round, which is well suited for exploring, photo-taking trips. At the altitudes of above 1500 m, in summer, the temperature of the day never exceeds 28 degrees Celsius at night, in the early morning the temperature drops to 17-18 degrees Celsius. In winter, the temperature is 5-7 degrees lower than that of the deltas, even some places with temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius and appearing frozen and rime.

At the ideal scene, ideal photography, visitors can pick up an impressive dawn in life. That is when the sun glows like a fire halo slowly rising out of the sea of white clouds floating large. The Ta Xua valleys are surrounded by high mountains.

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We went to Ta Xua several times to hunt – watch the clouds. Clouds in Ta Xua are different from that in Y Ty, Sapa, Sin Ho or Tam Dao… Everyone can take pictures and enjoy the comfort from early morning until 11h – 12h at noon. The day with drizzle with high temperature difference between day and night, high humidity will be the time Ta Xua being most cloudy. From 6 to 7a.m in the morning, standing on the peak, in just minutes the valley will become a giant sea of clouds with a hard –to-describe beauty.

Living in a remote and mountainous area is the Mong ethnic families. According to local authorities, in Ta Xua commune, more than 90% of the population is Mong people. For thousands of years, the Mong people in the northwestern part of the country have chosen high mountain areas with few people to settle in. Mong people in Ta Xua often build houses with wooden colunms and soil walls. The houses are usually very low, with an area of 20 – 30m ², roofed sheets of cement. The face of their house looks out to the sea of clouds to pick up fresh air daily.

In addition to cultivation on the terraces, now in Ta Xua there are about 500 hundreds of years old tea trees. Mong girls often collect tea for sale. It is very unique feature that Indigenous people have shown us the traditional Mongolian making tea skills.

In Ta Xua there is also a limestone cliff, with trails passing through the lawns in the mountainside, called the “rendezvous for love“. This is where the dating place of the Mong boys and girls.

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