The beauty wild of Mui Ke Ga – nice place for the summer in Vietnam


Cool blue sea, rocky sized ‘exposed to’ the sun. Distance to the southwest, the mountains covered with undulating white sand to create the spectacular land of Mui Ke Ga.

Distance Phan Thiet city over 20 km to the south, not crowded, bustling, but Mui Ke Ga (Tan Thanh commune, Ham Thuan Nam district – Binh Thuan) again attracted tourists by the beauty of simple, wild.

Feel form on the way to go, from the landscape constantly changing glance. When forests are luxuriant trees, sometimes spread out the mountains covered with white sand. Occasionally, visitors saw the smooth eye with dusty blue dragon, lush planting row straight into the hillside.

Mui Ke Ga welcome visitors with a vast landscape, majestic, different places, Long Hai, Vung Tau …

The things makes a special impression to tourists arriving here are rock located as soon available on the coast. Rocks large enough, small square and round shape, its short-term exposure to the beach as is “disposition.” People here such as the rock garden. Some rocks jutting out to sea be used as an ideal place fish.

In addition to rocks, sea beach here is also nice, clean white-suited for visitors swimming, sunbathing and participating in activities camp fire…

Recently, a few resorts built variable coastal area of Mui Ke Ga to become new tourist attractions for visitors.

Located inside the modest mountain range along the coast, the resorts and hotels here no loss of wild nature. The thatched roofed houses with unique architectural tradition that look like nests hidden on the back of the hill is in harmony with the natural scene.

Soon, a bright and broad space gradually comes into view. This time, the visitors were closer to the coast. The most obvious is feeling the fresh wind, the air of sea country. The distance, blue in the sea almost into the blue sky. Looking down from above, the casuarina and wild pineapple “progress” close to the sea is challenging with wave and wind.

In Mui Ke Ga, famous sights not to be missed is soaring the Khe Ga lighthouse, proud before the sea. It was built under the French, in 1899, the lighthouse high nearly 70 m, is considered the highest in Vietnam. On the tower is lights 2000 W, scanning light radius to 22 miles, equivalent to 40 km, the signal is used as a guide passing ships.

With a beautiful location, surrounded by granite rocks, the lighthouse is also the appropriate place to welcome the dawn light.

Besides natural beauty, Mui Ke Ga also gives visitors prefer to explore the exciting experiences when participating in the program: morning shopping seafood, sea fishing, catching crabs at night, enjoy the sunset from mount …

Exciting but also most interesting is that the coastal areas seafood market of people fishing in the morning. From early dawn, the fishing boat off the group gathered here, to delivery to shore via small boats baskets. To simply stand on the shore, visitors see firsthand the baskets full of fish, bags of fresh cuttlefish … nowhere is there such territorial waters.

For many young travelers, catching crabs at night is a game full of exciting discoveries. People here said the night of crab and handcuffs will crawl ashore by waves and re-stick in the rocks. Just a small flashlight along the coast can catch the full bucket .