The season of white plum blossom in Moc Chau plateau

The villages and valleys in Moc Chau are covered by the white color attracting a large number of tourists, especially the young people.

Travel to Moc Chau to look the beautiful white plum blossom

The plum blossom is only brilliant in 2 to 3 weeks in January and February. This is the typical flower of Moc Chau plateau. The flowers are not only beautiful because of the fragility that when hatched, the flowers will bloom simultaneously, creating a beautiful scene.
The season of plum blossom comes and goes very fast so in the season, many tourists pull together to visit Moc Chau and admire this kind of flower. The white flower carpet on the hillside makes anyone coming here very excited.
According to the experience of “hunting” plum blossom of many people, the best time for blooming flowers is around the end of January to mid February. However, depending on the weather each year, the blossoming time may be sooner or later.
However, this season Moc Chau often fog, so when it is sunny, this place attracts a lot of cameramen to record this beautiful moment.
Visiting to Moc Chau, you can visit the beautiful flowers blooming spots such as Phien Canh, Van Ho, Long Luong, Ba Khe, Thong Cuong, Pa Phach, Tan Lap, and Ang village. Among them, in the area of pine forest of Ang village and the road to the gate of Long Sap border gate, there are many flowers. If you want to have beautiful pictures, you should go deep into the village. The land under the plum trees is often chosen by the village youth to organize sports activities.
The season of white plum blossom in Moc Chau plateau via Cam nhan Viet Nam

Nguyen Hong Ngoc (Hanoi) said, every year she also spends time going to Moc Chau to admire the beautiful flowers. “I like plum blossoms and always have a light feeling when looking at them. Every year, we come here to visit us and take photos, “Ngoc said.

The distance from Hanoi center to Moc Chau is about 187 km. Guests can choose the form of travel according to their preferences and health. If you ride a motorcycle, you can be more active in stopping by the road to look at the flowers. But your trip depends more on the weather. The period from January to February is the time when Moc Chau becomes cold. In many days, when the temperature is low, it will be fog, limit the sight when driving. Passenger car from My Dinh bus station costs 160,000 VND/person.

The most beautiful places to view the plum blossom in Moc Chau

  • Tan Lap area: From Moc Chau, you have three directions as follows: Go straight to Moc Suong or turn into Ngu dong ban on or turn to Nam Tom, go to Doi village. Whatever direction you go is full of plum flowers. If you are lucky, you can meet the Mong people who are celebrating the traditional Tet. As you move deep inside, you will feel the fresh air, the brightly colored costumes and exciting games.
  • Ang village, Dai Yem Waterfall with plum blossoms all over the sky.
  • Vat village (Muong Sang commune) with the white plum blossom hills.
  • Most plum blossom in Moc Chau, including Tan Lap and Pa Khen tea farms, about 15km away from the old town. When going deep into the heart of the hill, you will admire the plum blossom.
  • Ba Phach village: Every spring, the white plum flowers blossom throughout the roof of the Mong. In addition, there are many other places such as Then Phang and Loong Luong … or along the highway, throughout Moc Chau where you also see white plum flowers welcoming the spring.
  • Up to this point, the flowers have blossomed all over the hillside and valley extending from Van Ho to Chieng He.

Other points when traveling Moc Chau plum blossom season

The season of white plum blossom in Moc Chau plateau
  • Tea hill: Visiting and photographing tea gardens or being immense in fields is a good suggestion for you.
  • Visit the ethnic villages: If you want to visit the Hmong villages, you should go to Long Luong, Van Ho. If you want to learn Thai culture, you can go to Ang village.
  • Dai Yem Waterfall: On the way to Loong Sap border gate (between Vietnam and Laos), you will be impressed with two-storey waterfall pouring white water, soft as silk strip between the green of the mountains. .
  • Happy Land Resort: An area of ​​nearly 5 hectares is located in the middle of a wide valley at Lun village, Muong Sang commune. You will be greeted by flowers and heart-shaped flowers which are planted from a variety of beautiful flowers, including many typical flowers of the Northwest.
  • Old pine forest: It is very close to the town and is ideal for camping or picnics.

Note when traveling Moc Chau in the plum blossom season

This season in Moc Chau is quite cold, you should bring warm clothes. If traveling to Moc Chau plum blossom by motorbike, you need to prepare rain coat and necessary equipment.
Check out the weather forecast before you leave. If encountered with fog, the speed should moderate, do not go too fast and attention to turn on the headlights to avoid traffic incidents.
Hopefully, with the guide tour Moc Chau the best time plum above will help your trip more interesting and complete.

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