Visiting Pongour Waterfall in the rain


Tourists heading for Lam Dong Province in central highlands Vietnam should not miss the Pongour Waterfall which has seven majestic levels and some of the spectacular views have to be seen to be believed.

From a height of 30 metres the mass of water speeds and booms down seven floors into a big pool, creating sonorous thunder-like sounds, especially in the rainy season when it is more violent

Pongour is located in Duc Trong District of Lam Dong Province and is 50 kilometres from Dalat City.

Strolling on a red dust road to the west for about 5km, tourists will arrive at Pongour eco-area.

Pongour has a festival every year on the 15th of the first lunar month and this is a spring treat for Dalat and Lam Dong teenagers with many traditional games and cultural festivities of local people.

This beautiful area was captured by The Saigon Times Daily’s Kinh Luan.

Tourists enjoy a stream under Pongour Waterfall, which means the landlord of a white-clay area

 Source GNT