Visiting Thang Hen Lake and tasting famous specialities of Cao Bang province


Located in Tra Linh District, Cao Bang Province, the Lake was definitely beautiful with its beautiful sapphire-blue surface. If having a chance to visit Thac Hen Lake, Aasmall boat will take you around the lake and the deep blue water was a window into world of sea creatures.

Tourists can hear the sounds of the different creatures around the lake such as small birds singing and the sound of water as we glided through the lake  or you also hear a local musician who playing a song which reflect his feelings about the area. Around the lake, the thick, green forest is set against the blue sky. The surrounding forestland was full of local wildlife and many species of insects, and you should bring bug repellent if you venture into the forest.

After a short time on the boat, tourists will enter a small cave at the base of a mountain known as Thang Hen Cave. Its large opening gave way to a ceiling of stalactites, silhouetted against the lake’s surface, which runs into the cave. The shapes give the dark cave a strange atmosphere, as do the plants growing on the rocks.

According to the history of the ethnic group living here, Thang Hen is a mountain lake comprised of 36 different lakes that stretch for 3km in length. During the rainy season, its water level rises, linking them all together. The surrounding mountains stand up to 660m above sea level, and are covered in green and tall trees, which are reflected on the water’s surface.
The Huong Thom restaurant and hotel are located at the Thang Hen Lake precinct and built in the architectural style of ethnic stilt houses made of nghien hard wood which is abundant in the area. This is the only facility providing visitors with food and accommodation close to the lake, and has been praised by locals as one of the best restaurants offering Cao Bang cuisine. The restaurant was famous for wild bamboo shoots, special sticky rice, and a special kind of leaf called mac mat.
Enjoying the natural scenery and culture around the lake makes it worthwhile. You can lie in a boat and soak up the view of the stunning chain of limestone mountains and experience a perfect meal with special way of drinking.