Where is Pho Hien? Things to see in here


In the past, people said” The frist is Kinh Ky and the second is Pho Hien” but nowadays, Pho Hien (Hung Yen) has not stood after Kinh Ky any more. All are in the memory of “the golden age”.

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Pho Hien is located in the center of Hung Yen city, Hung Yen province, connecting to Ha Nam, Thai Binh. From Hanoi capital, going along National Highway No.5, turning into Highway 39A through the corn fields, big longan gardens and the beautiful lotus lake, we will come to Pho Hien which contains the cultural elites of thousands of generations.

Attractions in Pho Hien

Pho Hien in the past was called “Small Trang An”, where the markets were bustling and prosperious. As a big trade port in the northern region, Pho Hien easily approached to many different cultures.

Through many ups and downs of the history, Pho Hien has been existed, but the bustling in the past is extincted. The substainable value is the cultural one with the ancient works and thousand-year Buddha statues…

The architecture of Temples and Pagodas is the clearest feature for a golden culture of Vietnam.

Sculptural figures and Stone stelaes at Mother Goddess Temple, Ancient decorative pattern in Bell Pagoda and the curved roof at a corner of the sky in Hien Communal House… are the most evident evidence for the cultural cradle of the commercial port land.

The Mother Goddess Temple via Mytour

Only 1-kilometer street, Pho Hien now still remains the ancient works standing between heaven and earth for many years such as Hien communal house, Hien temple, Linh Ung pagoda and Dong Do Quang Hoi… The peaceful space at Hien communal house has been sustainable with time.

The Mother Goddess Temple is considered as one of the most beautiful landscapes in Pho Hien. In front of the temple is a semicircle lake with many big green trees, one side is Nguyet Ho street and the other side is Dai Ha dike with a airy space. The Mother Goddess Temple is also famous for nearly 800-year-old ancient trees in front of the temple which every year attracts thousands of tourists to visit.

Along Bai Say road, opposite to the Mother Goddess Temple, belonged to Quang Trung ward and 1km from the center of Hung Yen city to the south, the tourists will come to the semicircle lake (in Vietnamese, it is called Ho Ban Nguyet). This is the diversion vestiges of the ancient Red River, attached to the legend of the mirror Moodn Lady dropped. This is the valuable green part of Hung Yen city and the beautiful landscape atrracting many tourists to come to admire. The lake is shaped like the half-moon so it is called the semicircle lake or Ban Nguyet lake.

Hien pagoda was built in Tran dynasty by To Hien Thanh, a bureaucrat in Ly dysnasty. In the pagoda, some statues in 19th century have been remained as well as the steles with dates: Vinh To the seventh (1625) and Vinh Thinh the fifth (1709). This is the only place preserving the ancient longan tree (since 16th century) which is luxuriant foliage and fruitful every year.

Bell pagoda via HoangGH

Bell pagoda is considered as the most beautiful landscape in Pho Hien, located in Nhan Duc commune, Hien Nam ward, Hung Yen city. It is one of the most famous spiritual tourist destinations in Hung Yen to tourists when they have the opportunity to visit this land. As legendary, the pagoda began to be built early (about in 3rd century) and had a major restoration in the complete scale in Hau Le dynasty. The attraction of this ancient pagoda is the system of unique Buddha statues along 2 balconies with the special posture and appearance which were made very elaborately from clay.

With the thousand-year cultural works, Hung Yen in general and Pho Hien in particular is gradually becoming an important spiritual tourist destinations in Vietnam.

In spite of the cruelty of time, Pho Hien has been forgotten after the glory of the past, but its cultural values have still remained in the heart of local people in Hung Yen and people who want to find the cultural root.

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