Yellow flowers and green grass on Thang Binh – a new land on tourism map


Thang Binh (Quang Nam) has many green hills, a clear sky and a peaceful landscape.

>>The mountains of Hoang Su Phi and its people beckon


About 32km from Hoi An ancient town to the south, Thang Binh – the land never appear on Quang Nam tourism map – becomes an attractive destination to backpackers. You go along the National Highway 1A to Ha Lam crossroad. It is the center of the district. The road stretching through the wide rice fields, however, many vehicles run on it because it is an important route of the country, so drive carefully.

If you have seen the film “The Brothers” (or “I see the yellow flowers on the green grass” in Vietnamese) based on the novel in the same name of the writer Nguyen Nhat Anh, you will feel the scenes in here as beautiful as in a picture. It is a peaceful place with blue sky, white clouds and many herds of cow grazing grass near the river surrounding a small hill. All of them create a peaceful picture reminding us to our hometown. The reason maybe Thang Binh (Quang Nam) is the hometown of the famous writer Nguyen Nhat Anh.

Thang Binh via UBND huyen Thang Binh – UBND huyen Quang Nam 

The history of Thang Binh land

Thang Binh is the north gate of Quang Nam – the connector among many provinces in central region and in south region.

At the beginning of 15th century (1430), Ho dynasty after negotiating with Champa, assigned 2 caves: Chiem (in the north of Quang Nam) and Co Luy. And then, Ho dynasty divided these 2 caves into 4 communes: Thang, Hoa, Tu and Nghia and put Thang Hoa road to dominate 4 communes.  Thang commune was divided into 3 districts: Le Giang, Dong Ha and An Bi. In 1471, King Le Thanh Tong organized administrative reforms in the Thang, Hoa, Tu, Nghia and established Quang Nam including the land from the south of Thu Bon River to Ca Pass and divided into 3 districts: Thang Hoa, Tu Nghia, Hoai Nhon. Each district was divided into 3 districts. Thang Hoa had three districts: Le Giang, Ha Dong, Hy Giang. The name of Quang Nam began in the history of our nation.

Throughout the centuries, the people of Thang Binh have joined forces to fight against natural calamities, enemy sabotage, build the country, protect the country and create characters of Phu Thang people: industrious, courageous, honest, loyal, patriotic passionate, unyielding resilience.


Thang Binh via Ho Dinh Vietnam

Thang Binh is not a tourist destination and no one thinks about developing tourism in here because the local people in here are quite poor so there is no particular instruction about the destinations with beautiful landscapes like a picture in here. However, you should remember some places such as Dong Tien (Binh Dinh Nam), Phuoc Ha dam (Binh Phu), iron bridge (Binh Quy), Melaleuca plantation (Binh Sa), twin bridges (Binh Duong) to ask the local people. They are so gentle, simple and friendly, even they can lead you to these place.

Situated in the center of the province, Thang Binh converges many factors to develop tourism. In addition to the pristine beaches in Binh Minh, Binh Duong, Binh Hai, Binh Nam or the lakes of Cao Ngan, Dong Tuoc, Phuoc Ha, Ho Thac, Ho Cam… Thang Binh is also known as Specialized National Monument of Dong Duong – the largest Buddhist center of the ancient Kingdom of Champa as well as Southeast Asia and Truong Giang, Ly Ly with lagoons running along the sea.

Like many other places in the central region, the small land always has many natural disaters and floods in every year, so you avoid coming here in the winter (from September to December) to have a perfect trip. In the summer, the weather is so hot but the trees are green and the sky is blue and very clear as well as it is also the period of ripe rice season. It is the best time to take beautiful photos. If you are a natural lover, Thang Binh is a place you cannot miss.

Renting a hostel right in Ha Lam town at the price of 100,000VND/night will be suitable for your journey. The cost for meals in here is quite cheap. Enjoying the grilled meat in Quang Nam style at Ha Lam crossroad is a not bad suggestion.

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