Hue House Garden Architecture

garden-house in Hue

Hue house garden is not only the pure arrangement of space between the landscape and architecture, with its features about the cultural and historical value; it becomes an important heritage of Hue.

That famous feature is in the impressive features, and the first and foremost thing is about the plenty of kinds such as: park, royal garden, mausoleum garden, pagoda garden, noble garden, and normal garden, etc.

garden-house in Hue

The famous gardens in the centre and the suburban of Hue (like Lac Tinh garden, An Hien garden, Phu Tuy Ly) were built along the banks of Huong River, Long Ho, Ngoc Ho, Nguyet Bieu, etc, which belonged to the noble and high rank classes.

The combination of the main architecture and gardens with flowers, stone, water, grass and the frame to create shadow, as well as the sub architecture like house, alley gate, lobby, screen, etc are all designed in purpose. The combination of interior space and garden space are all in concord. How to integrate the frame created by people to the natural features of land and sky is a main matter. The categorization of trees could be based on the following principles:

System 1: Spatial vertical axis: base on the developing scale in the high range or use the shadow of the tree type to locate.

System 2: The functional circle is taken from the main architecture. Basing on the real function standards and customs, habit to combine the trees.

The beauty of Orient, the beauty of Vietnam, the beauty of region and the beauty of Hue are expressed in the house and garden, in what their owners, managers and local people always determined to raise the character. It is only by that way that we could preserve the beautiful world of “city of garden”, an attraction for visitors, a precious asset of world cultural heritage that are on the Hue people’s hand. It creates the honor as well as the responsibilities to preserve and develop such feature. vietnam travel