Tay Do Citadel Architecture

Tay Do

Tay Do citadel or Ho Dynasty citadel (The only stone citadel left in South East Asia), was built by Ho Quy Ly in 1397 under Tran Thuan Tong king dynasty (1388-1398).This is a rare big scale stone architecture of Vietnam, and it is the unique in the South East Asia. It is also one of the only lefts in the world. The citadel is located in Vinh Tien and Vinh Long communes of Vinh Loc district, Thanh Hoa province.

Tay Do

With the eyes of a military man, Ho Quy Ly chose the location to build the citadel with the important and difficult to access land. There is river around, grandiose mountains, which is helpful in defendant and in water transportation. As other citadels, the Tay Do citadel also divided into two zones: Inner and outer citadel.

The outer zone was built by soil with the amount of nearly 100,000m3 of soil. On the surface, bamboo was planted along with the deep moat of 50m wide. The most important part of the inner citadel is the place to show the architecture of joining the stones in the 14thcentury. The citadel was built in rectangular with the length of 900m, the width of 700m, and the thick of more than 4m and the average height of 6-8m.

The outer citadel trunks are vertical which the green marble in the length of 1.5m length in average, and tens of ton weight joins. There are four gates in four sides of the citadel: Cua Tien (South gate), Cua Hau (North gate), Dong Mon (East gate) and Tay Giai (West gate) which were built in the pomelo segments.

The three gates of Dong Mon, Tay Giai and Cua Bac have an arch which is raised above the citadel surface. The Dong Mon and Tay Giai are 5.8m wide and 14m deep, while the Cua Bac is 22m long and 75m high. The upper surface is plain marble. There was tower to watch there and it was built in bricks which the relics are the holes of 0.45m deep to put the stake of stone.

The bigger and more beautiful part is the South gate (Cua Tien) with the width of 38m, height of 10m, three big arches are about 15m thick. This is also the place like Ngo Mon in Hue, which is for the king to witness the ceremony. Inside the citadels is splendid architecture with temples, palaces, and place for King, etc.

The most important and worth respect of this monument is being finished only after three months, from the first to third lunar month of 1397. A grandiose monument, which is not mentioned the moats would, takes longer time. Only the work of exploit and cut the stones of tons in the handicraft way would be amazing.

After six centuries, the changing of history and climate has destroyed most of the architecture of such a dynasty. However, the Tay Do stone citadel is the small part of left relics of the precious heritage of the world. Ho dynasty citadel is the proud of Vietnam for such a special way of architecture and construction of Vietnamese. vietnam tours