Hung King Festival



Honoring: Kings Hung – the descent of King whom establish and develop the country.

Location: Hung Temple, Nghia Linh mountain, Hy Cuong commune, Phong Chau district, Phu Tho province.

Time: 8th-11th third lunar month, Main time: 10th – third lunar month

Feature: The ceremony of death in the national scale.



People in Phu Tho province have established more than 700 places to worship Hung King and his related generals in about 200 villages out of 350 villages in the province. 18 generations of Kings Hung established Van Lang State in here, the predecessor of the present – day Vietnam.


Starting the festival is the national ceremony in the morning of 10 – third lunar month, following are the processions, singing contests and traditional games of Vietnamese Kinh and Mong ethnic group.

The procession is delivered by the three villages Co (Co Tich), Vi (Vi Cuong), and Treo (Trieu Phu). They use bamboo elephant and wood horse to symbolize the all  beings to submit to the Hung King. The procession of vegetable foods contains the five types of fruit, chung cake and day cake to rebuild the Lang Lieu legendary, as well as the merit of Hung kings to teach people to plan the paddy.

When the procession comes to the Thuong temple, there is an offering and the performance of  Xoan singing and report to the God. In the Ha temple there is performance of Ca tru singing, and in the other places there are games.

Hung King festival is the reuniting time to praise the prosperity of the people and the spiritual symbol of the community which reminds the Vietnamese people to contribute to the country together.

Visitors apart from join in the ceremony could buy the specialties such as Doan Hung pomelo, Tam Dao pineapple, Phu Tho tea or other handicraft products. vietnam tours