Original folk songs of the Tay – Nung (Cao Bang)


In the folk songs Tay-Nung in Vietnam Cao Bang, the tent is one of the folk or, attractive incredible. Who has heard and understood the meaning of the glider is to be heard forever. The accent ì ì … tent à … A for his life accordingly. As far, as successful as it longing, longing for the addicted.

Ha tent is very close to the definition of Bac Ninh. Ha tents as well as between them, are often taken up in the fun, but the most popular songs on the occasion of the lunar two-season-season meeting of the song “Long Tong” is also the season of flowers hearts of young men and women red carpet, to be shown love, given conditions. Also a male and a female party repartee singing together, when this party just took off the other party answers ca. If both sides have “master” is an excellent improvisational theater as a flow, never interrupted. Most l c blended, skillfully describes the mind as the prime from the depths of the soul. But, considering that sweet melody, soothing her only means of transmission of singing. The essence, distilled as bewitching the listener’s Ha tent is symbolic speech, for von Photos. For example the sentence:

“Khun Province ruon blind reviewing reviewing
Mosaic pay the thickness eyelid pi ”

(This sentence means: “To the children, he only heard the grinding of corn is sure next time he never dared to play my house again.”) Because of the mountainous regions, small field, upland, usually porridge or steelhead. But this is only a few words of the other sisters, as in life, some guests who have come back to play the corn meal. Although poverty is much to be borrowed by some rice to rice cooking competition invited guests! The soul of this question is fresh in the language to “discover” them. Because corn mill in the mountains always grind with a mortar e Asia, and for maize from the fire away, people often get a piece of bark to using two hands around the trees, so when corn shot out of mortar is thrown on the other bark should emit the word “discover” . But this is only the words of the sisters. So how many songs have been invited and that question has not been reciprocated, so she sounds like through a “degraded” to say that his voice processing Ha tent of four children or not, not sweet, his voice breaking as the English corn grinding song should last no response. The gods of Ha tent is that it, to say that my heart does not speak out his heart, but through a kind of specific items, a sound or a specific image that expression. Therefore should the listener just heard once that memory forever. Especially, if a glider that is emitted from a pair of singing voice is sweet and earnest, the other as a honey poured into our heart, as we are addicted to anxiety. At that time, though not desired, respond well to sing.

“Hand Sewing fed through gate valve nà
Pi atrophy that pay hip contact form ”

In fact, despite the few smart cooking the rice corn (Hand Sewing) can not be flexible as aromatic rice, but here he is again singing the “Hand Sewing the password na van culture” is ingenious too go! Because meeting the ingenious lyrics and the heart has led the singing lasted throughout the night to morning. that way, the tone … ì ì à à solidarity tent … … sound that the whole village, all neighbors. As the late, his voice as sweet as say. It seems that night, young and old, were sobbing, are absorbed. Everyone thought that, after a dyke

“Pi pay full-floor account ambiguous
Voting machines of stone Noong rate it ”

Originally meaning of this slogan is: “You go, happy in the end of the floor, leaves do not you agree startled.” Here’s extradition, as a message of farewell to the boy when his girlfriend after a night of singing. Statements that are simple, rustic but also very lyrical. Because the fact is the word advice wish, wish. These he does not wish for your own health, love life as usual we met, but here people go only recommend that people stay in the UK down the stairs, leaving me to go but his soul is forever code

Recently heard that advice, then that is something very absurd, but this is not ridiculous at all, but the very reason and sentiment. The reason to like because people have to go to soul, soul remained at the end of the floor and actually soul forever stay in the hearts of their partners, or in other words the soul was “smoke” together. Say the enzyme in question hovering Ha tent is like that.