Experiences of backpacking in Hoa Binh

Experiences of backpacking in Hoa Binh
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Hoa Binh is one of the four provinces where the majority is not Kinh people in Vietnam. In addition, it is called as the kingdom of Muong people because Muong people have lived there for a long time ago. Hoa Binh is quite near to Hanoi with some famous tourist destinations such as Thung Nai, Mai Chau, Kim Boi… so it is easy for you to arrange a short trip with your family and friends at the weekend.

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Coming to Hoa Binh, you will have the opportunities to study about the rich culture of Muong people as well as admire the beautiful sceneries of great rice fields, valleys ranges of hills and the nice houses of local people.

Best time to visit Hoa Binh

You can go in the summer to avoid the heat of Hanoi to famous destinations such as Mai Chau valley or Thung Nai. If you want to see the Hoa Binh hydropower reservoir discharging water, you can go in the winter and remember watch the weather forecast daily.

If you want to take part in festivals in here, you can go in April to June on the lunar calendar which is the time of Fairy pogada festival.


From Hanoi city center, you go along Highway no.6 through Xuan Mai which is belonged to Hoa Binh province. Along this way, in addition to the buses to Hoa Binh, there are a lot of buses to Son La or Dien Bien so many choices are available for you. With some destinations near the highway, you can take a motorbike taxi or taxi to move because renting a motorbike in Hoa Binh is not really popular.

Experiences of backpacking in Hoa Binh via MotoRush299 Đồ bảo hộ Moto Phân Khối Lớn Hà Nội.


The best accommodation when traveling in Hoa Binh is maybe homestay which can help you be able to enjoy the delicious dishes as well as discover the unique culture of Muong or Thai people. In recently, thanks to the focus on investment, many hostels has been improved the quality to meet the requirements of tourists.

Tourist attractions in Hoa Binh

Since along time ago, Hoa Binh has been famous for some tourist destinations such as Mai Chau, Thung Nai or Kim Boi hot spring… but not many tourists know that Hoa Binh also has many other interesting destinations such as Thang Thien waterfall (about 10km from Hoa Binh city, belonged to Ky Son district), Muong cultural space museum in Hoa Binh center where the unique features of Muong cuture is collected and reserved by an artist.

The young people often go a long and hard distance to Y Ty for cloud hunting but right in Hoa Binh, there is a Lung Van which is surrouned by the cloud all around year. Coming here, you can feel the pristine and simple life of ethinic minorities with the peaceful sceneries of rice fields, corns and vegetables in forest.    

Foods and drinks

Backpacking in Hoa Binh via Song Tre

Referring to Hoa Binh cuisine, we cannot miss steamed sticky rice (Com nep do) – a dish with the meaning of thank God for a good crops. After the rice is steamed, it is put into a bamboo plate to cool off. In some places, the rice can be dyed into many colors with natural materials. Steamed sticky rice is a favorite and featured dish to Muong people and tourists.

Besides, the traditional dishes in festivals or Tet holiday of Muong people are very diversed. They include steamed fish, steamed vegetables, boiled chicken and pork, ribs with shrimp sauce, young bees with sour bamboo shouts and buffalo meat with forest pepper…

In addition to the above dishes, Muong people also have many kinds of cakes: Chung cakes, Day cake, Uoi cakes, Uong cakes… and the drinks made from forest trees or tea, very good for health as well as a famous drink: Can wine.

Hoa Binh culture

Hoa Binh is a Northwest province adjacent to Hanoi. This place still remains historical relics of Hoa Binh culture which are discovered by archaeologist. Referring to Hoa Binh culture, we cannot miss the culture of Muong people. Through the process of foundation and development, Muong people in Hoa Binh have the unique characteristics about language, costume, habits and customs… which create a rich and featured beauty in the cultural picture of Hoa Binh culture.

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