Why does Hanoi attract tourists?


There are many reasons to make Hanoi impress foreigners when they visit the capital of a thousand-year golden culture. In an article on CNN, Bruce Foreman shared his feeling that is may be the same as other foreigners’ feeling about unique culture in daily life of Hanoi.

Foreman thought that to foreign tourists, the clearest feeling is that cities in Southeast Asia are not really different until he came to Hanoi.  In the article, he said that, unchanged characteristics of life and people in Hanoi made the capital of Vietnam become “a new breath” and make the city more special than other cities in Asia.


Hanoi is very famous for the old town. It is considered as the symbol of Hanoi tourist. Hanoi is one of very few capital cities in the world to have reached 1,000 years of age. This long history explains why Hanoi’s cultural treasures often make such a deep impression on the minds of visitors. Each street of Hanoi has its own name featuring goods sold in the street. According to Foreman, although nowadays houses in the old town have been commercialized, they still remains the old artichectural style which make Hanoi’s impression on foreigners.

Hanoi is the only capital of Southeast Asia visitors can find state president’s mausoleum. Most visitors coming to Ha Noi will visit Ho Chi Minh mausoleum. President Ho Chi Minh is a hero of the national liberation and a world cultural celebrity. There are many historic monuments in Ha Noi such as Long Bien bridge crossing Hong river or Hoa Lo prison that was called “Hilton Hotel” of Ha Noi in the wartime. In addition, French artchecture and dishes coming also makes Ha Noi more special than many other cities in Asia.

“Hanoi style” is also expressed through simple things. Foreman wrote: “being a famous tourist attraction, it is surprised that Hanoi is not surrounded by crowded plazas. Foreign travellers are impressed by women wearing palm-leaf conical hat and street hawkers”. Interestingly, street vendors sell everything such as noodle, flowers or hairpin.

Ha Noi is famous for “draught beer”. Coming here, tourists can find draught beer in every streets, but the most famous place is the intersection of Ta Hien street and Luong Ngoc Quyen street. Hanoi draught beer is most Hanoians’ favourite beverage. Besides, it is introduced in most handbook of tourism for foreigners.

Even crossing the roads of Ha Noi also brings absolutely new experience to Foreman. So many means of transports in the street make tourists feel like they are taking part in an adventurous tour. Besides, riding a motorbike and strolling the streets also are interesting experiences.