Things to note when traveling on Tet holiday

Things to note when traveling on Tet holiday
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Lunar New Year is the time you are relieved after a year of hard work. This is also the time for your family to welcome new year together. On the Lunar New Year 2018, has your family planned where to go yet? If you are thinking about the first trip of this year, please see the following article immediately.

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1. Booking a package tour or backpacking?

The answer is entirely yours. Depending on the conditions of each family, they can choose the appropriate route for you. One small suggestion is that if you book a tour on Tet holiday, you will not have to worry about food, hotel and sightseeing spots, but you need to choose the right travel company. If you choose backpacking, pay attention to factors such as:

- Moving: It seems less appropriate for families and children, but renting private cars or choosing airplanes, passenger cars, trains will be more feasible. The Tet holiday is also a time when the families travel very crowded, the tickets sold out is very frequent, so you need to pay attention to book early to not miss the attractive tourist attractions on Lunar New Year.

- Eating and drinking: At the beginning of the year, food service is not as busy as usual, so bring some food necessary to ensure health of all members during the self-sufficient traveling trip.

- Always book hotel / guesthouse before arrival to ensure safe rest at a reasonable price.

Things to note when traveling on Tet holiday via

2. What to choose during the Lunar New Year?

Lunar New Year is a time of blooming flowers, exciting atmosphere and especially the exciting festivals. Choosing which place to travel on Tet depends entirely on the interests of you and your family. Familiar venues and festivals often attract a lot of people from everywhere, at which point the prices of services are certainly "escalating" and services are usually of poor quality due to over-exposure. Therefore, choose wisely the place, pretty peaceful to enjoy the full Tet and spring.

Some attractive places such as Sa Pa with white clouds and the rich color of the highland, Moc Chau with plum blossom forest and beautiful peach blossom, Nha Trang - Phan Thiet with beautiful beach and warm weather to look at the sunrise, or the mountain city of Da Lat to pick flowers to welcome spring, ... Or if you have a big budget, let's bring your loved ones to welcome new spring in Southeast Asia, Japan, China or Europe!

3. Common issues

Things to note when traveling on Tet holiday via Hoa Binh tourist 
  • Traveling to Lunar New Year 2018 should pay attention to visit relatives and neighbors before the ceremony and then go on the spring trip, the holiday 2018 has 10 days of rest is very comfortable to plan your trip.
  • About luggage, should bring enough to use and pay special attention to bring the jacket because the weather is usually cold even though you travel to the south.
  • The period of Lunar New Year is also very crowded in tourist destinations, so be careful not to be stolen, pay attention only bring enough cash needed and take with the bank card and identity papers needed. Limit carrying precious jewelry or luggage too cumbersome.
  • Bring some basic medicines such as painkillers, headaches, abdominal pain and medical dressings to some emergency situations along the way.
  • The plan for Tet holiday is easy to change for objective reasons such as weather, traffic jams, overload ... So prepare the backup plan, especially the way and the destination for a full holiday. For example, if Sa Pa is overcrowded and makes you feel no longer the right mountain town atmosphere, you can go to another beautiful place of Lao Cai. Or the urban entertainment in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is also easy to overload, you can back up the suburbs.
  • Many tourist attractions, food and beverage offers Tet promotions such as free entrance tickets, buy 2 get 1 free, give gifts to children with family group, lucky draw or voucher for next time. These incentives will help you to have a fun and comfortable vacation. Wish you and your family a meaningful New Year and wonderful trip on the Lunar New Year!

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