16 notes you should pay attention before starting your journey


The autumn is one of the ideal eriod in the year for traveling because at that time, the weather is very cool and comfortable. However, you should pay attention to the following things before starting your journey.

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Make a list of things you need to do

Creating the list to answer the following questions: where will you stay? Do you need to change your place to stay? What will you do in the destination?… is a step which makes you think a lot, but it is very important because it helps you have an overview of your journey.

Consider the time to go

From November to March, it is the rainy season in Australia, while in Vietnam, the rainy season lasts from July to October. Surely, you do not want to spend a lot of money for the trip but the only thing you can do is sitting in the hotel to see the rain.

Backpacking or book a tour?

Each form of traveling will have its own interesting and difficult features. If you choose backpacking, you have to prepare many things by yourself but you are free about the time and itinerary. Via versa, booking a tour will help you save the time of planning for the trip, but it is not interesting for those who love discovering.

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Book the air ticket

The airlines often release the ticket 11 months before the flight and the earlier you buy the ticket, the cheaper the airfare will be. The flight near the departuring day is much more expensive. Therefore, plan everything as soon as possible, book the hotel and air ticket wisely in advance. Surely you will save a lot of money.


If you book your accommodation soon, you will have many choices and the price is also better, especially the destination you go is a crowded tourist attraction or in the high season.

Stay healthy

Stay healthy before your trip. Do not change the habit of doing exercise. Keep your favorite activities such as walking, swimming, doing aerobic or cycling as usual. However, do not overdo to avoid injury or fatigue.

Visa and passport

If you want to travel abroad, make sure that your passport is still valided at least in the next 6 months. Some countries also require the visa. The time to apply for a visa may be several weeks or a month, depended on the country you go and the process of the Consulate.

Apply for the visa as soon as possible because in additon to the time of waiting for the profile and the result, you have to go to the Consulate to interview.

Health problems

Do you have any health problem? Do you prepare enough medicines? Each country has its own requirements and price for health services. Therefore, prepare by yourself first. If you have any special diease, please bring your health profile or prescription in English to use in abroad.

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Travel insurance

Consider to buy the travel insurance as soon as possible. After you buy the air ticket, protect yourself from some natural disasters and unforeseen troubles.

Rent a car and international driving license

You should rent a car soon to have a good price. The car insurance may be very expensive. However, if you buy the insurance through an intermediary company, the fee is lower.

In addition, to drive in abroad, you also need an international driving license. Prioritize your safety and learn about the destination traffic before you drive.

Restore the personal imformation

Copy some versions of your air ticket, passport and visa as well as all the necessary information and put them in your bags in case of the luggage loss, at the same time, send the information via email for yourself or your relatives.

Buy a SIM card

Buy a Wifi SIM or normal SIM card right at the airport if you cannot speak the language in the destination you come as well as do not know well about the streets there. Some hotels offer free Wifi but only in some corners of the hotel or you have to charge for use.

Download the map of the destination you go

If you are afraid of being loss or not knowing well about the destination you will go, the best choice is downloading the map of this area and the places on your itinerary. You also can ask for the free map in your hotel.

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Voltage safety

Prepare all the machine, technological devices and rechargeable battery you need, especially multi-function adaptor which is specialized for traveling because the electrical outlet in each country is different from each other. If your destination has an unsimilar voltage to the power source you are using, you have to buy a transformer.

Download some useful applications

Some useful applications for the tourits include Google Maps, Weather Live, Google Translate, XE Currency Pro and CityMaps2Go. If you want to call and text free, in addition to Facebook, you can download WhatsApp, Skype or Viber.

Bring some personal items on the plane

At some health care shops, you can find a convenient package for the long flights. This package includes earplugs, eye pads and neck pillows which can be folded down.

When you are on the plane, you only need to blow the pillow. After using, you exhaust the air inside the pillow and fold it down as a piece of cloth. You should buy this package because some airlines provide the blanket only, not including earplugs or eye pads, even in the long flight.

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