A series of best homestay in Sapa – Moc Chau – Tam Dao for your trip (P3)


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Moc Chau Arena Village, Moc Chau

Nestled in the midst of the deep blue plateau with its lush hills and colorful hills each season, Arena Village is a unique property that is uniquely designed from a container with full of amenities: Airy space, close to nature, overlooking the plum garden and green tea hills.

The beautiful small container bungalows are painted in all kinds of colors such as white, blue, pink … and are placed side by side between the large area of ​​tea plantation, suitable for tourists sightseeing even in the room as well as feeling close to nature.

In addition to the Bungalow room types, night-time experience at the Arena Village you can choose to sleep on the floor with large stilt house with a capacity of 12-15 guests or a Japanese-style bungalow for 2 – 3 guests or for those who want to experience the feeling of sleeping on the floor as indigenous people can choose to sleep in the traditional stilt house.

Price reference:

  • Bungalow Container Room: VND 700,000/night.
  • Japanese style bungalow house room: 600,000 VND night.
  • Collective house on stilts: VND 200,000/night.

Address: Km 122/180 National Road 6, Chieng Di District, Nong Truong Town, Moc Chau, Son La. Tel: 0948 669 222

Arena Village via Agoda

Bo House, Moc Chau

Located in the address of 2 Tieu Khu Co Quan, Nong Truong town, Moc Chau, Bo House is a homestay in the style of “beautiful boht in staying and taking photographs”. Coming here, you will feel the small and cozy space as at home, clean rooms with full of warm cushions and blankets.

In addition, Bo House also has a play area, cafe and background which is very unique to those who come here to exchange, play, creative freedom to take beautiful photographs. In particular, Bo House also has a common kitchen area where you can cook. Homestay is also quite near the market so it is extremely convenient.

Price reference:

  • Bed dorm: 50,000 VND/bed.
  • Double room: 150,000 VND/room /night.
  • Shared room:
    + Medium room: 500,000 VND / room for 5 people (additional surcharge is 70,000 VND / person).
    + Large room: 800,000 VND / room for 7 people (additional surcharge is 70,000 VND / person).

Address: Hamlet 2, Office Farm, Moc Chau Town, Moc Chau, Son La. Tel: 0971660008.

Bo House via Around Guides

Moc Chau Happy Land, Moc Chau

Moc Chau Happy Land covers an area of ​​nearly 5 hectares, located in the middle of a large valley in Luong village, Muong Sang commune. Coming here, visitors will be greeted by the beautiful carpet flowers, including many typical flowers of the Northwest.

The resort is not only open for visitors to visit with a cheap price of 20,000 VND but here also has a unique round tube resort. Choosing to stay here, in the morning to open the window, before the eyes are a variety of flowers blossoming with all varieties.

Price of sewer rooms here is 250,000VND/room/2 people (additional charge 50,000 VND for the 3rd person). The entrance fee is 20,000 VND / person. From Moc Chau town, you turn into Long Sap Gate and Yom River, go about 3km to the People’s Committee of Muong Sang, turn right, go 2km more you will see the Moc Chau Happy Land under the valley.

Address: Ban Luan, Muong Sang Commune, Moc Chau, Son La.

Moc Chau Happy Land via Lozi.vn

Golf View Villa, Tam Dao Island

This Homestay is located at the foot of Tam Dao Island, in Tam Dao Golf Resort. With the beauty of Korea’s happy house, this is the homestay that many people want to try this summer.

This homestay has ample space with 3 bedrooms, 2 rooms with a king size bed and a large bedroom with 2 king size beds. The living room has a very airy space, direct views of the lake and courtyard and especially the space inside or outside the yard is super wide for young children to play.

Complementary amenities of this homestay are pretty much, as in the living room also has a private pool and a spacious BBQ area with modern barbecue and full kitchen props. In addition, from the grill you can see the high mountains soaring, around the poetic lake. In general, this is an ideal retreat for those who love quiet, away from the city.

Gold View Villa via Foody.vn

Le Bleu Floating Clouds, Tam Dao

Le Bleu Floating Clouds is a beautiful Le Bleu homestay resort, located near the stone church in Tam Dao town. Unlike other peaceful homestays that Le Bleu has done, the Floating Clouds in Tam Dao is a modern color and style.

However, in order not to lose its own characteristics, only Le Bleu has, the furniture and decoration Le Bleu Floating Clouds Tam Dao also bring a vintage look and everywhere is beautiful.

Especially, the bedroom here is specially designed to give you the best view towards the valley and every morning, when you wake up, you will be “lost” in the floating clouds surrounded.

In addition, there is also a very large garden area for dinner, groups of friends and families can come here to have fun BBQ parties. In the midst of cool nature, the clouds are right next to you, and you will feel nothing better than in a hot summer, you have the opportunity to staying in Le Bleu Floating Clouds.

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