How to get in


Vietnam is the easternmost nation of Indochinese Peninsula. Located close to South China Sea from the eastern side it borders China, Laos and Cambodia from north, northwest and southwest respectively. Therefore it is very easy to get to Vietnam as it is accessible by all modes and from all corners of the world.

By air:

Getting to Vietnam by means of air is the best way to reaching the country. Several countries offered direct flights to and from Vietnam. However flights from long distance destinations are limited. Vietnam has four international airports that take care of all air travel.

By train:

One can get to Vietnam by trains also but only from China. There are two rail route connections between these two countries, twice a week, one from Beijing to Hanoi Vietnam, via Nanning and Lang Son and another from Kunming to Hanoi and passing through Lao Cai.

By road:

You can travel to Vietnam by road from China, Laos and Cambodia. There are road crossings between these countries and Vietnam and the roads will take you past scenic locales so that you also get to have an enjoyable journey.