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Things to explore

Things to explore
Things to explore

Let’s come and experience Vietnamese Quintessence with the attractive destinations such Hoan Kiem Lake, Hue Citadel, Ho Chi Minh City and so on. You will have chance to visit and discover the interesting and charming sites by yourself.

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Enjoying dawn at Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi

Early morning, Hanoi is still at her beauty sleep. Even Hoan Kiem Lake, the city’s normally most crowded area, is wandering around its own tranquility. This time, under the dim light, you can see the timeless scenes of an old Asia. Hanoians gather discordantly for such early hours—some get on exercises for a business day ahead, some take their daily tai chi rituals, and some do aerobics in the sound of pop music. Apart from observing people, looking at Hoan Kiem Lake is also enjoyable, as it’s once said that when you can spot one of its rare tortoises, good fortune will come to you—the perfect start for a day.

Visiting Hue Citadel

Things to explore
Things to explore

Hue is the ancient capital of Vietnam during Nguyen Dynasty which lasts for a tenure of 140 years. The dynasty’s royal palace, Hue Citadel, is the first destination in Vietnam recognized as a World Cultural Heritage. Its magnificence, within 10 kilometers of protective walls, along the banks of Huong River, beneath Vietnam’s highest flag tower, can effortlessly amaze and petrify you over and over again. Although three quarters of the Citadel was destroyed by the bomb of U.S Army during Vietnam War, there are still many things for you to witness and get overwhelmed—the spectacular mausoleums of Nguyen’s Kings, the sophisticated wooden residence of Queen Mothers, and much more.

Eating at Ho Chi Minh City

There is no other better place for you to immerse in the exquisite flavors of Vietnamese gastronomy than in Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, which holds one of the top secrets of Asian culinary. Sneaking into every corners of the city, you can discover a whole new world of a wide variety of dishes, with an unique freshness and outstanding deliciousness in flavors, abundant in servings, and cheap in prices, and that what makes the city’s local cuisine in the perfect harmony with its warm climate. Here, you can easily find restaurants serving delicacies from the north and the central part of Vietnam. Also, foods from China, Japan, Korea and Thai are also well represented.

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Taking a sampan boat drive on Mekong River

When visiting the beautiful land of Mekong River Delta, within those outstanding floating markets or floating villages, you can spot sampan boats, a unique kind of transportation, travelling through a system of small and overlapping canals. At that time, do not hesitate to take a sampan boat ride to catch the view of the peaceful life there into your eyes. You will never be regretful as doing so.

Things to explore
Things to explore

Other astounding things to add to your Vietnam’s experiences

(1) Cruise among thousands of lime-stone islands on Halong Bay

(2) Enjoy sunbathing and swimming on beautiful beaches of Vietnam (Danang, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, and so on)

(3) Explore Hoi An’s ancient streets which are filled with historic building, tailors and boutiques, together with delectable cuisine

(4) Eat a bowl of steaming hot “pho” in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City

(5) Drive around the Old Quarter of Hanoi on cyclos

(6) Head for Da Lat, paradise of honeymooners, with old French colonial villas, cool weather and romantic setting of lakes and hills

(7) Relish some fresh fruits at the orchards or floating markets of Mekong River Delta

(8) Take part in bustling ambiance of Tet holiday (Lunar New Year Festival)

(9) Visit cool mountainous area of Sapa and interact with local ethnic minorities

(10) Climb through the 3143 km height of Fansipan, the highest mountain of Vietnam.