Tipping – Culture


tipping-culture-300x229 Tipping - CultureDuring working as Travel Consultant at Footprint, some my clients ask me how they should tip for tour guides, drivers…….at the end of trip. Just smile, I usually have the same answer:  Depend on you but that is our responsibility to make you feel pleasure with our services.

Be the person who have good experience in traveling to many countries in the world, one of our regular client- Mr Lindsey said: “Just small thing but It is difficult as a traveler, there are different of tipping- culture”.  So I hope some information about tipping – culture below will be useful for travelers:


Normally, travelers do not need to pay any extra for their services. Because most of state –owned hotels usually do not allow receiving tips from tourists. In fact, Chinese think that foreign tourists are rich; tips are included in price of services.  A bit higher charging is only small thing for their “ kings” and they still make their clients feel happy.


No tipping is the way most of restaurants here still say. Do not try to tip for staffs if they refuse. If you are feel pleasure with services here, just say” gochisou sama deshita” … it means thanks for dinner basically. You are still a polite person and staffs are here still happy as well.

France, Italy

Following the law of Government, service charge is included in the bill, tip is not necessary. However, some small change such as one or two Euro for porters or waiter/ waitress is fine like the smart way The French or Italian usually do.


Different France or Italy, service charge excluded the bill here. So travelers usually leave staffs here directly around 10%- 15% for room service, two or three Euro for porter and around 10% – 15% for driver.


Tips should be around 4%- 8% for traveling, 4%- 5% for hotel but taxi drivers do not usually receive money.

10% tips for restaurant and 5% for taxi driver. Receiving tips is not popular at hotels in Holland but depends on the intention of travelers.


Following the regulation here, staffs here do not allow receiving tips. Also the Government of Singapore do not encourage to pay 10% service charge except for porters at hotel. To thank you for help from porters, some travelers usually pay some dollars for porters at hotels.


It is not the same at all destinations in Thailand. Commonly, the more crowds with tourists, the more tips staffs can get.  Tuk- Tuk is one of interesting transport here for travelers. Drivers here do not bother you by asking extra money but paying 5 baht is one local regular you should know.

United State

United State is considered as the first country where tipping- culture was born. The staffs here will show their unhappy attitude on their faces. Tips usually is 15% – 20% included in the bill. Explaining for the high tips here, staffs here have to serve themselves with low salaries they get. So paying tips or receiving tips are routine custom in this country.


Receiving tips is not popular here.Some travelers still do it for tour guide, driver on tour, for waiter/ waitress at restaurant or room staff at hotels but it is not compulsory. Do not collect the change is one of the popular tip way from the travelers for good staffs in Vietnam.